Delivery Today - Old Huel?

Just received my latest delivery today - it’s 2 bags of V1.1 batch 2058 vanilla.
My previous order (20th November) was 2 bags of V1.2 batch 2058 vanilla.

So same batch but different versions? And the most recent delivery is a version older?

@nath that shouldn’t happen, sorry. Someone applied the wrong label. We will email you.

The good news is that there is no difference between the v1.1 (410 calories per 100g) and v1.2. We changed the name to v1.2 instead of saying the less sweet version of v1.1.

Thanks for clarification - just had email from Gulliver to sort it out :slight_smile: Luckily my last delivery was also batch 2058 so I’ve never tried the more sweet V1.1!

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