Just started on Huel 1 a day at the moment then i willlook to increase… I am a type 2 diabetic on metformin also lorstaten. Will lit cause any problems because at the moment it seems i just end up with diarorrea a lot since starting on it which is none to good.

Hi Stu,

I’m in year 11 of diabetes 2 and am taking metformin and gliclazide. I have Huel for most of my meals (and have done for well over a year now), playing fast and dangerous with some fruit juice in with the water for flavour or else nut milk. (I know how to live dangerously :wink: ) If anything, Huel has made it easier to manage my diabetes - I recovered from a bout of “one bar of chocolate won’t matter” last year and the subsequent Hba1c debacle by admitting I’d been over-confident (and greedy!), and my last two Hba1c tests were 56 and 54.

Something that everyone seems to get is a bit of gastric distress when starting Huel, hence the advice to start with just one Huel meal per day for a couple of weeks, gradually moving up to your desired usage level. I guess metformin doesn’t help either (it’s not known as metfartin for nothing). Maybe the occasional judicious use of imodium might help out…