Diaries - subcategory

After reading so many great stories on Huel forum I thought that it would be a good idea to make a subcategory “Diaries” exactly for them. Many of us would like to write a weight loss diary or our experience with some Huel experiments (like 100% or 1000kcal etc.) but it often leaves a disorder on Huel forum. I think, that many people would like to read and write in “Diary” category.

It would be nice to hear your ideas about it.


Good idea! I’m all for!

I believe the ‘Weight-loss’ subcat serves this purpose? I can’t currently allow you to toggle on/off the topics you want to view though. Which would be great. Currently you can select to view one topic or all the topics.

I would suggest when you view the forum to skim past those categorised as ‘Weight-loss’.

Anyone with a high enough trust-level can recategorise topics if they are not in the right one. Experiences rather than Weight-loss for instance.

True! I guess most people write those kind of stories in the weight loss category.

I also like the idea of challenges. Like participating in a challenge where people go 100% for a week or so.