Difficulty viewing threads on Huel mobile site


I have a feeling Tim is gonna simply lock down and delete this thread and ban us all after losing all his hair at 9am tomorrow morning.


Thank you @hunzas I am glad it’s not just me.
@TimOfficialHuel please ignore the title - I cannot control these animals. Also ignore every comment on here except those from @hunzas, and my initial post. If you do read all the others, please don’t weep with exasperation, simply ban @Ian42 and give the rest of us a badge for our patience.


So Coup’s solution is to buy a new iphone, Ian’s solution is to buy myself some of those lovely shaped RTD bottles, and John’s solution is to get Tim to look at the issue of why the threads aren’t displaying properly on old apples…
I think we can all go to bed now.


Everything works fine on all of my Apple devices :wink:


Have you tried using the Discourse App as opposed to using your browser?


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Ok, I just installed it on my old iPad and I am able to see the couple of threads I was unable to yesterday.


Thanks Tim I didn’t know there was a discourse App I will download this now - that’s brilliant, and much better than viewing on my browser.


Here’s an interesting thread:


I can no longer view this thread on my phone, or via the Discourse app…
So turns out having the discourse app doesnt resolve the problem after all


I have literally no idea what this thread is telling me @hunzas - it does seem relevant but it’s in a language I don’t understand. So is the problem me and my phone? Or safari? or the huel forum?


It is from the official Discourse (the company behind the platform that Huel forum sits on) support forum. They’ve been messing…


Okay - I’ve just read that thread again and it seems to suggest that the platform does not support old iOS hardware (even though I’m running the latest possible software). Interesting that the problems reported in that thread started at the exact time I started having problems. But they seems to suggest the issue has been resolved? But its not resolved for me.
Some threads view normally, others don’t view at all


You might be on the latest software but that’s still only the latest software for an iPhone 5. The current version of ios is version 12 whereas the 5 finished on version 10.

This may just be a coding error by discourse but normally software only maintains backward compatibility for around 2 years as the hardware manufacturers only keep the devices current for the same amount of time.

Given how old the phone is and the problem doesn’t happen on newer devices there’s nobody you can really shout at.


I’m not shouting at anyone - just trying to find a solution to the problem. There was no problem until a few days ago, so something has changed. And my phone isn’t that old, in fact its only 2 years old. I know I know I should buy the latest phone blah blah blah but I honestly do not want to spend 1000s of pounds on a phone, for it to be “out-of-date” in literally a few months or years time. I have no other problems with the phone. I’m not gonna buy a new one simply to view the Huel forum. It’s good but not THAT good :wink:


I’ll stick with my Motorola G5 Plus :grin:


That’s the trouble these days, people want new phones every couple of years when old ones are perfectly good. They are overpriced and SIM free contract prices can be better negotiated with the networks. I haven’t upgraded my android phone for several years…as I don’t see the need just yet, and I use it a lot.


I’m using the ‘Internet’ option on my Nokia 3310.

Occasionally I flick between the Huel forum and a game of snake I’ve been having for 23 years.


I used to play snake on an old IBM computer years ago :smile:


And Gorilla :grin:


The iphone 5 was discontinued in 2013 so you may have bought it 2 years ago but it’s still an old phone that hasn’t seen an update to the operating system in 18 months.

When I said you have nobody to shout at I didn’t mean you were literally shouting at your screen (lol), I just meant that after around 2 years there is no guarantee software, apps or web pages will continue to work on a phone. This may be a genuine mistake by discourse or it might be a case of implementing improvements in the forum software which older tech cannot support.

I can’t remember if you have or not, but have you tried a different browser like firefox?

And quite clearly we are worth £1,000 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: