Digestive enzymes - Huel Hot & Savoury


I’ve been enjoying Huel for a couple of years now. I have a strong preference for Hot & Savoury over the shakes (I don’t have a great sweet tooth, and the Hot stuff has better texture and is easier to make at work) but have long-term digestive issues with it: gas and bloating.

I’ve read other threads about the probable nutritional causes behind this and have adjusted my Huel diet accordingly - I only use Hot for one meal every other day and always take Beano with it. I substitute Black Edition for the Hot meal on the odd occasion rather than have it in addition.

The enzymes seem to reduce my digestive symptoms but by no means have removed them. It’s well over a year now and my gut doesn’t seem to have adjusted at all.

I’ve had problems with the Bars but don’t have the same problems with Black Edition at all. I don’t have problems with any other foods/produce except baked beans (although I’m strict vegan for several years so can’t comment on animal products). My partner follows a FODMAP diet and none of those sensitivities seem to apply to me.

I wondered if anyone has had a similar pattern of sensitivity, and if they found any alternative digestive enzyme supplements were more helpful than Beano?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Could be some kind of food intolerance - for example gluten. Or histamine.
What flavours are most problematic for you? Have you noticed any differences between them?

I don’t have any problems with gluten otherwise. I eat bread regularly without issue as well as seitan. And I’m on a strong antihistamine anyway (for sleep, not allergies) so histamine would be a surprise.

I haven’t noticed any real difference with the flavours, although if the bag hasn’t mixed up well it’s normally worse towards the end when there’s proportionally more powder than the carb.

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I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced. If you have cut back and slowly introduced yourself into the Hot & Savoury range there shouldn’t be a reason for these continued symptoms.

With situations like this, we would always recommend consulting your doctor for advice to see if any of the ingredients are a particular allergy or intolerance.


I had a massive reaction to Hot & Savoury, gas and bloating. I gave up after a few months.

If you ever find a way out of it, let the forum know, please.

I’m so sorry to hear that, if you could please contact us at team@huel.com we can look into this further for you and see what we can do to help.