Digestive enzymes

Hi there,

Very happy huel user here - been using it since 2016 and it has become an indispensable part of my diet- thank you for making such a great product!

The only negative I can think of is the amount of gas that my stomach produces after consuming it. Fortunately have been able to aleviate this (and save my relationship) by taking Bean-Zyme pills (generic brand Beano), which contain alpha-galactosidase. 1600GALU of the enzyme does the trick for my daily 300g of Huel powder.

However, it does make me wonder: what are the nutritional effects of taking these enzymes? I understand that the enzymes work be breaking down fibres into shorter, easier to digest carbs.
Does this mean that there’s a risk your fibre intake is reduced by taking the enzymes?
Furthermore, does it increase the GI of the consumption?

Advice much appreciated!

Hey H,

Some people do find that enzymes help and this is because there’s less indigestible fibres and starches reaching the large intestine which can then be broken down by our gut bacteria and cause us gas.

It won’t affect the nutritional value of Huel, don’t worry. You may even find if you stop or reduce your enzyme/Huel intake that your body will have adjusted over this time. Enzymes may have a slight effect on the GI, but again nothing to worry about.