Do you sometimes have more Huel than you should?

While emotional eating is a common phenomenon with regard to “normal” food, I wondered how many of you have similar problems with complete food products.
Have you ever had more of a Huel product than you planned to, or what would have been enough, just because of the taste? Is it possible to fall back on comfort “eating” or drinking on a diet consisting of Huel (and otherwise maybe just some other drinks) only?

My best friend has complete food shakes just because of the taste, and he thinks he “feels better” from those. He uses yfood, though, which is much more like a milkshake than Huel - although lower in its nutritional value.

Are there differences between product categories or flavours in this respect? Do some flavours cause better satiety? Are more “delicious” flavours more “dangerous”? Because it is easier to have more of it than you originally planned?

I could easily get through a gallon of Chocolate Essential in a day. Maybe in one sitting. :yum:

I consider myself to be a foodie, however, thinking about it, I have never had more Huel than I wanted. I suspect that the reason for this is that Huel is quite filling thanks to its protein and fiber content.

When it comes to overconsumption of food, foods that are hyper-palatable are often the ones we think about as they contain a specific combination of fats, carbohydrates, and sodium (salt), which makes them artificially rewarding to eat and harder to stop consuming. These would include ice cream, potato chips, snack bars, etc.

To sum up, Huel is rewarding in the right way, both from a nutrition and sensory perspective which is why it is easy to consume the right amount :slight_smile:

P.S. Apologies for the small bias here!

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Yes, this applies to me. I don’t find the 2 scoops of Huel fills me up and I frequently have a 3rd scoop a while afterwards. And as I find Huel delicious its always tempting to have too much. Sometimes when I can’t be bothered to cook an evening meal, I struggle to make a small meal or eat a leftover meal or make a meal I don’t really fancy (cooking for one) and often I finish it off with a big drink of Huel (as if the Huel’s a dessert. So the received wisdom of having for example 2 meals of Huel a day and then one ‘normal’ meal (often for weight loss) just doesn’t work

Maybe it would help to have unflavoured/unsweetened only - I’ve often thought about that. I am especially interested in Black Edition U/U, but haven’t tried it yet because I have no idea how this is going to taste - compared to the standard (gluten free) edition. Has anyone here tried BE U/U without any additional ingredients?

Could it be that a 400 kcal portion of Huel simply isn’t enough energy to justify a meal, given you’re consuming three meals per day, of which two are Huel? Personally, I consume at least 600 kcal of Huel per meal, with three out of my four meals per day being Huel. I understand that you might have a weight management goal in mind, however, have you ever thought about increasing your Huel portion size?

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I haven’t tried BE U/U yet, however, if I can find a pouch in the office kitchen tomorrow, I’m happy to take one for the team and report on my findings here :sweat_smile: How does that sound?

Taking one for the team in the office kitchen definitely sounds like an HR issue……


:melting_face: Correction: I am happy to try it and report my findings here… :sweat_smile: Hope you’re happy now Phil! :wink:

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It would be great if you or someone else could post his experience.

I’m not using Huel to use weight and when hiking I definitely have an extra scoop to increase the calories. Works well.

hi Dom You’ve never had more Huel than ‘you’ve wanted’. What does that mean? I’ve wanted more than I should consume as its delicious. I mean to have 2 Huel meals - breakfast and lunch - but sometimes I’m eating normal food sooner than I want to, as I’m hungry despite the Huel