Do you think I can take my Huel to China?

I am going on a long trip to China and I am concerned about my stomach playing up badly! Does anyone know if I will get stopped in customs for carrying bags of powder around??? I really want to take it with me in case I get hungry (trying to save some money on my trip too!) HELP!

Ask the airline.

I took one plastic jar of Huel to Japan - half pack of vanilla & half pack of unflavored mixed. Was in my checked in luggage - I had no issues. I also took a photo of the huel package listing the ingredients incase ( it wasn’t needed )

I recently took a new 1.75kg bag to Croatia with bottles, blender etc. No issues

It could be argued that China doesnt give toss what you bring into their country but it could also go the exact opposite way and cause you untold stress.

If I was keen I would contact the embassy and get them to review Huel. They will then provide you if necessary with accompanying paperwork. I would even ask them to provide something on paper even if they say its cool and you don’t need any.