Does Huel contain enough salt?

The amount of salt in Huel, according to the ingredients list, is quite low. Salt is often unfairly blamed for lots of things, when the problem usually lies elsewhere in the diet. Maybe this mainstream perception made you reluctant to add more salt?

Does Huel really contain enough salt to be optimally healthy?


There’s enough sodium/salt in Huel to cover most people and the mainstream perseption does have bearing. However, we are actually already reviewing this.

I am happy to learn that the content of salt in Huel is low. For those who (like me) suffer from high blood pressure this is good news. And adding a pinch of salt is not that difficult (whereas getting rid of it would be impossible).

Much of the advice given out for many years concerning salt and high blood pressure is outdated and incorrect, unfortunately. There is recent (and current) research which finds that it is not necessary to cut down on salt when you have high blood pressure. Too much salt, like anything of course, can be problematic, but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily eat less of it than would be healthy for anybody else who doesn’t have hypertension.

Huel’s tagline is “Everything your body needs”. In it’s current state, for many people it is deficient in salt. Surviving on Huel alone would not provide everything they need – it is necessary to supplement with additional salt.

Hiya! Apologies for waking this up, but was wondering:

(1) Whether any progress has been made/or whether there’s intent for progress
(2) If not, does anybody have suggestions for a good way to increase my sodium intake?

I have low blood pressure as well as a savoury tooth. While I’m not 100% on Huel, I am drinking two flasks per day prior to my evening meal and my body keeps saying “Need saltiness”

I suffer incredible salt cravings! I eat salty crisps (oh so wonderful crunch), or toast with salty butter and salty cheese.

I’ve also noticed I’ve begun preferring salty over sweet chocolate, and salty whiskys.

There has been a very slight increase in the amount of salt in Huel since that last post in this thread posted 6 months ago.

Needs more :slight_smile: