Is Huel the healthiest possible meal you can eat? Why not?

Is Huel the healthiest possible meal you can eat? Why not?

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Yeah, why not.

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Great! Good to hear that :slight_smile:

If it were then why the constant version upgrade of the Huel formula? There’s still room for improvement and this is best shown by the Huel team tendency to refine their formula.

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Exactly…just because you have the best product, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to make it better or refine it. You could say the same with the best engine, the best smartphone etc…


We believe that Huel is the best combination of high quality nutrition and convenience. You can make a meal from whole foods with the same nutrient values I expect, however you would sacrifice convenience (and it would be difficult).

If Huel is the most healthy and convenient meal out there, and we certainly think it is, then why not try and constantly make it better. We are always striving for perfection and this can only come from tweaking slightly.

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Thank you for your reply. I think it’s healthy that the community is always critical, but posts like yours are really reassuring :slight_smile:

You tweaked the salt up, were happy, and then a few months later tweaked it up again, this time to over the recommended safe limits. In what way is this striving for perfection? You’ve also ignored several requests on the forums to justify this action. Fine, if you don’t want to say so, then that’s your business, but please don’t tell us that your eternal quest for perfection led you to make your food unsafe.


Different diets are healthier for different people. For someone undernourished a different diet would be healthier than for someone who is obese.

I think that Huel is the simplest, healthiest food that I have tried.

I still like to have a bit of variety and don’t think 100% Huel would be the best option for me.

@sanovine In multiple recent posts you’ve complained that the salt level has been increased. And you’ve now gone on to complain about the Huel team supposedly ignoring user requests.

You’ve already been called out on this, and an example of your self-contradiction has already been pointed out in another thread where you’ve been going back on your words, yet you continue to appear to be claiming you were happy with the salt level before v2.0.

Here is the response I’m referring to, which was directed at you:

At the time when you were saying ‘Needs more’ the product version was v1.2. And immediately prior to that comment of yours in that thread, someone had just pointed out that the salt content had been recently increased. So it was clearly at the time of the most recent version prior to v2.0 that you were saying to the Huel team: “Needs more”.

Your comment about v1.2:

One of your recent comments about v2.0:

Now that a change has been made, you want to keep making new posts, berating the Huel team for adding salt.

I suspect that you will reply to me saying something like “Well, I didn’t ask for SO much – they doubled it! They should’ve only increased it a little!”.

But that would be moving the goalposts and making a different argument. I’m calling you out for pretending that you were perfectly happy with the salt level before, and for pretending that you never asked for any increase over-and-above what was already in v1.2.


I’m not a nutritionist, and my request for salt was purely for taste.
So if I ask for Round-Up weedkiller in it and get my request granted, would that be ok?
Stop being so stupid. Are you suggesting that some random oaf on the internet made a request, so their nuritionist ignored safe levels and added it to everyones food due to that?
Huels salt level exceeds recommen.ed safe levels, and I am entitled to ask why. They can choose to respond or not, but not responding says just as much imho.


Three logical fallacies in a row.

Moving the goalpost, constructing a straw man argument, and then finally an ad hominem attack for good measure.


some random oaf on the internet

probably why they’re ignoring you :wink:

Your first time on the Internet is it? I honestly can’t be bothered to go there. Have a good day sir.