Does Huel RTD taste anything like Soylent RTD?

Hi folks

I’ve just tried Soylent RTD for the first time today as I’m in London & saw it on sale at the train station. I won’t be switching to this instead of Huel because of the crap it contains (canola oil & GMO soy just to start) BUT it does taste scrumptious, especially when compared to the taste of unadulterated powdered huel (I heavily adulterate mine with cacao, fruit, coffee, cinnamon etc to make it taste good!)

So I was wondering if anyone has tried both Soylent & Huel RTD & could therefore tell me if they taste at all similar… I really like how smooth & creamy & just all round nice the Soylent tastes, so if Huel RTD is anything like it, I might be tempted to buy a case so I can use it when powder isn’t convenient.

I trust your opinions on these matters guys… You have definitely persuaded me not to try the chocolate premix til some improvements have been made to it & reported on here :wink:


I’ve wanted to try the original US Soylent for ages and was amazed to get a 50% off deal on Amazon. I was disappointed. In fact, I was really disappointed. It was very wattery and had an unpleasant after taste. I ended up passing the bottles to friends. I just couldn’t face drinking the rest of the stock. I was also not too happy with the ingredients.

I far preferred Huel which has just minimal maltodextrin in it. It tastes okay and I know it’s far superior with nutrition and ingredients. It’s not the best tasting product, though. The best tasting for me was the Saturo products. They really have nailed the flavour. But I can live with Huel’s taste.

I had my very first berry Huel powder today and I like it. I tried to mix it in the shaker but it didn’t work too well. I still have my old Nutribullet and that was perfect for mixing it. I tried Huel a couple of years ago and I hated the taste. So I went to their competitors and was happy with their products. However, cost is an issue with RTD. Circa £40 for 12 bottles. I can’t afford to drink these products regularly.

I’m pleased so far with my Huel experience and the USP of, probably, the best ingredients in these products. So, I reckon I’m here to stay.


Thanks for that David!

I’m still interested in hearing from anyone who’s tried both Huel RTD & Soylent & can tell me if they taste anything like each other?

I haven’t tried the Soylent one, but Huel RTD is ridiculously smooth and creamy. The flavour is great too imo

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Thanks @RyanT, I might try them… Which flavour did you get, vanilla or berry? I wish there was a way to sample them without buying a whole case or going to London Selfridges & paying a fiver a bottle!

It might be worth scouting around local independent shops if you have any near you. A small local corner shop/deli near me in Woking stocks individual bottles of both Vanilla and Berry RTD. I’m guessing this is unofficial and it’s a local business ordering direct and reselling but if one person is doing it there may be others?
@Tim_Huel do you supply independent shops or is this likely to be someone placing a personal order and reselling commercially and I’ve just got them in trouble? :worried:
Seems like a good way of allowing more people access to try if indies are happy to stock…

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I’m pretty sure there’s no law against reselling a company’s products even without their permission, so long as you aren’t pretending to be affiliated with the company. So I don’t think you’ve got them in trouble!

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Well in the market in Peckham there is a bloke called John @hunzas who imports a big batch of cheap milkshakes from China. He puts Huel labels on them and sells them for a quid each.


Havent tried Soylent RTD but Huel one is very good, berry reminds me like a liquid yogurt, a good one and the vainilla is veeery plain, which Iike a lot because is difficult to get tired of.

Its like a different product, I heavily recommend you to try

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It’s not so much from a legal perspective but I know some companies that sell direct or via nominated stockists only are quite protective about where you can buy their products. Especially if third party resellers are stacking on a big markup on the price which can put potential customers off as they end up thinking the product is overpriced because of the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

The place I found Huel RTD in Woking was selling at £2.99 a bottle, so not a huge difference on the single purchase direct order price.
I’d also be interested to know if testing via independent stores is something planned or if it’s just one store owner using some initiative. It might be a good way of giving more people a chance to “try before you buy”.

Liquid yoghurt is not a bad description. How about this, if anyone reading this around the London area buys RTD and doesn’t like it, I guarantee I’ll buy the remaining bottles from you, at cost… nothing to lose! Although I’m sure I’m at no risk as you’ll surely like them

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