Does Huel v2.3 contains all essensial amino acids?

hello all,
I have just started taking Huel v2.3, as I have a lot of it, it was just waiting in my home. I know that Hueal v3.0 has all of the essenstal amino acids but I do not know about v2.3.
I am asking because I am going to totally switch on Huel, I am a little bit worry about the amino acids.
Can anyone help ?

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2.3 is honestly perfect in every way. Definitely has all the essential amino acids (I think the protein makeup is the same as 3.0?).
I still have plenty of bags here (despite being a year after best before date), will be at a loss when it’s gone…

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I have just for the next way it is BBD but after eating mostyly huel for last 3 weeks I feel okay.
I was worried that the amino acids migh be diffrent but now I feel better.
Thank you !

Yes, every version of Huel has had all the essential amino acids in adequate amounts.