Does the method of blending HUEL compromise macronutrients?

Hello, While looking at different compact blenders for my HUEL (all the shaking in the office at lunchtime is probably irritating my colleagues), I have seen some information that suggests harsh blenders could compromise the macronutrients or general nutritional value of products such as HUEL powder, or does it not matter which blender type I use?

No. Huel use industrial strength blenders to make their RTD products so a store bought blender isn’t going to do any damage.

Blending does not destroy anything - merely changes its state a little. You are not applying enough energy to cause a significant change. Blending may affect the fibre activity in the body as it can reduce its ability to hold water, but that’s about it.


Micronutrients are usually broken down by oxidation, not mechanically. And to my knowledge it would require lots of mechanical work to produce enough heat to promote oxidation.

The only thing that might be of interested regarding the “healthiness” of a blender is that it should ideally be BPA-free.

if you buy into that big marketing scare mongering. There is still zero scientific evidence about damage caused by BPA to humans who have been exposed to it for more than half a century and over 90% of us have traces of BPA in our bodies as it can also be found in air and water.

There are no definitive studies of its effects in people yet. The FDA maintains that studies using standardised toxicity tests have shown BPA to be safe at the current low levels of human exposure. Anyone using canned food or drinks is probably blissfully unaware that these cans such as a Coke - are lined with BPA plastic for hygiene purposes.

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Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…

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you could also just make it at home before you go and either keep it in an insulated flask/bottle or in the refrigerator at work if there is one. Most compact blenders I have seen or tried either have too small a capacity to make a full meal or are not powerful enough to make a smooth Huel blend.