Does blending destroy nutrients

I was wondering if using a blender to mix huel destroyed some of the micro-nutrients. I think that it’s the case when using a centrifugal juicer versus a slow juicer for fruits, because of the heat produced by the rapid rotation.

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@skirato I wouldn’t worry too much honestly, you could argue that blending would increase absorption theoretically, I’d try not to obsess over it, huel recommends blending anyway for convenience and texture consistency reasons

Not at all.

The other reason given for bladed juicers (as opposed to masticating ones) being bad is that they introduce high amounts of oxygen into the juice, which results in its going bad faster. Since Huel should be consumed soon after mixing anyway and may also be mixed warm, these two issues are not a problem.

Using a home blender, any change will be negligible if any at all. The food will be broken down by your digestion system anyway.

I think some people who worry about this associate it with the criticisms towards industrial scale juices/smoothies which use heavy duty machines to blend the hell out of fruits and veg, heavily breaking down the fibre content, which in turn could cause a blood sugar spike similar to pure sugar. If using a home blender, it’s nowhere near as processed and is fine.

Thanks guys for clearing this up :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this thread - was just about to ask the same question but a forum search solved the problem. Just bumping incase it’s of interest to anyone else!