What happens if I filter out the hard parts (the seeds like ingredients)?

Just started using Huel my only gripe so far are the hard ingredients , seed-like, so before putting it all into a blender I filter them out.

How much does this affect its nutritional properties?

notes: I’ve tried to blend them but they get even worse since they’re smaller now so the only way I can actually use Huel is to filter them out :confused:

You will grow antlers and your skin will glow green.

Just kidding. :grin:

It’s hard to say exactly how filtering the product will affect it’s nutritional properties, but you would certainly be getting less nutrients. Have you tried increasing the water:powder ratio to make the mixture thinner?

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If they’re not fine enough for you, have you tried using a pessle and mortar? (Probably not the correct spelling!)

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@mr_high_kick making it thinner would just make them more noticeable

@Pott55 that might actually work :slight_smile:

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Id suggest that, or maybe just blending the powder on its own without milk or water first?

Hope you find a way!


The bits in Huel are oats and flaxseed, you will be losing nutrients, both macro and micro, how much will depend on how much you filter out.


Can anyone recommend a blender powerful enough that would pulverize everything? I really want to get all the nutrients out of it :slight_smile:

I’ll try a coffee grinder this might actually work :slight_smile: will try tomorrow. Thanks

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As julian says - you don’t wanna miss out on nutrients. That’s why Huel is so effective.

Let us know how you do with the coffee grinder!

Nutribullet. It’s like the Hulk of blenders.

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@dakull can you tell me a little more about the issue. Do you want a texture more like a milk with no bits?

PS. I like the bits :slight_smile:

@Julian close i.e. more like the consistence of cream soup. I like also like the bits but when I crunch them myself (e.g. crackers) :slight_smile:

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I’m new here - after having see Huel featured in a YouTube video. I’ll be ordering Huel very soon, and hope to make it a subscription. I would just like to say that, it being thinner rather than having obvious hard parts would be nice; I particularly dislike food where it is mostly cream-like, then you get the odd hard bit.

@TheJackah you can adjust the thickness of Huel but adjusting the amount of water you add.