Drinking Huel on a plane

I’ve found lots of discussion about travelling with Huel, but is there any practical way of drinking it once through security and actually on a plane? I fly long haul a lot and as an immensely fussy person it’s usually a very stressful 12+ hours of either starving on the plane or spending a fortune once through security fueling up to be as full as possible before leaving, inevitably junk food too.

Huel bars would be a very expensive way of doing it. I guess maybe a shaker and powder in hand luggage and then buy water when through security would work? Would also take lots of room up though.

We’re likely a few years away from liquids being allowed through security, but in the meantime any ideas greatly appreciated.

I actually pack Saturo in my suitcase at the moment (the 500ml bottles). The bottles are very sturdy and 500 calories when out and about without the faff of prepping drinks in hotel rooms is incredibly practical. It’s fair to say I can’t wait for pre-made Huel.

There would be no issue taking the Huel in powder form thru check in and then getting a 500ml bottle of water to fill up.

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I’ve actually considered this before (although I ended up not consuming Huel because the airlines Low-fat meal actually was pretty decent), and I was thinking:

  1. Bring the shaker and powder in a baggie/container
  2. Ask them to fill the shaker with water (they probably will on decent long haul flights), and your own water bottle
  3. Shake up Huel as you would, top up with water from your bottle

I don’t think it’d be much different a process to shaking up Huel out of an airplane!

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