Easter eggs... to scoff or to pace?

Hello everyone

Fairly new Hueler here. Been on it (33% at <2000 calories a day) for around 6 weeks now and lost close to 6kg (looking for more weight loss tips but that’s for another time).

Easter weekend is upon us and it is against my moral standards to say no to people when they give me choccy eggies. The question is do I force em down me in a couple of days resulting in me stalling my diet and feeling bad for a week or so, or do I pace them out and continue with my diet but risk revitalising my choccy addiction??

What will you guys be doing? Or am I one of few who can’t say no to chocolate?? :frowning:


Can say no to chocolate, but can’t say no to a gift - That’s just rude… Hence, end up with about 3 or 4 eggs.

With a TDEE of 2750, I tend to eat two eggs in one day and then eat a couple of chicken breasts for dinner. It gets the binge out of my system, the scale doesn’t move, and I get to enjoy pure bliss for as long as the eggs last.

If I nibble on one and put it away, I almost always go back to it throughout the day until its gone :confused:

Captain Killjoy checking in :frowning:

If you’re on a diet then don’t eat the chocolate.

Whether you gorge yourself on them or pace them out doesn’t matter; stuff like this is called not sticking to your diet and it’s why people fail when it comes to maintaining weight loss.

I won’t be eating any easter eggs, as usual, because they’re horrendously unhealthy for us and terrible for the planet.

terrible for the planet

… “Pre-bottled Huel confirmed!”



Ha fair comment. I still think pre-bottled will beat regular food for sustainability etc :wink:

Chocolate though… making 1kg uses between 18,000 to 24,000 litres of water. Madness!

Yeah, agreed.

Same as almond products (milk etc). Uses an absolutely astounding amount of water in the already drought ridden area of California.

I also think eggs fuel obesity to an extreme level, but that’s another issue. 1000 calories per box? Phew…

Yeah I understand what you’re saying and tbh I have been pretty proud of my self control thus far. However humour me, say I just have to eat all my eggs gun to my head and all. Which is the way to go? Which is the lesser of two evels? Scoff and eat little else or pace myself over a few weeks? I know neither is the best option but i’m not sure that will be an option when the eggies are sitting their in front of me… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Either way, a typical easter egg is what; 1000kcal? If you eat one that’s half your daily “nutrition” done with.

It’s your call. Spreading them out is probably worse because you may get used to snacking on chocolate and then boom, your diet is dead.

Mind you, it’s easy for me to sit here and judge and tell you not to eat any. Gotta make your own choices and being happy is the most important thing in life. Have em and then work hard after to get back on track.

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Be kind to your liver and pancreas and pace yourself. Most choc is full of nasty pesticides, over sweetened and possibly additional hormones if it isn’t dairy free.
A little good quality, plain organic dark choc in moderation can keep full blown choc addiction calmed down.
‘Scoff and little else’ sounds binge like and may lead to some nasty headaches and sugar related mood swings. Pacing sounds much kinder to your dear body. We only get one body, so may as well be kind it if we want it to carry us around;))

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In terms of fat loss I’d be inclined to say scoffing them is better. Whenever you consume chocolate, your blood sugar rises leading to an increase in insulin. Insulin has an anabolic effect on fat, meaning the burning of your fat stores is inhibited. By spreading the chocolate out, you’ll increase your insulin to a lower level but more frequently, meaning the total duration your fat burning will be inhibited is extended.

Of course, this all assumes a caloric deficit with either method. If you’re able to spread it out and decrease your normal diet by the number of calories the chocolate contains, that would be the better option. And unless you have a massive TDEE, you won’t be able to maintain a caloric deficit when scoffing them down.

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I managed to get away with scoffing. I only got one so I was able to manage my calorie intake just the same. Did make me feel a bit horrid the following but back to original diet now and feeling better for it. Just have to prepare myself for my sisters wedding on Saturday and the weekend of food that will follow suit!