Eat almost 100% huel - How does that work in practise?

(Enlish is my second language, so warning if it isnt perfect :blush: )
I like to make food but it takes too much energy and focus to get good routines to make food and clean the kitchen every day. I have struggled with this and just can’t make it work. The result is I dont eat enough and I lose weight.

I wish making food to be something I do because I feel like make food, not something im forced to do to survive. I am thinking about going to go almost 100% huel. Maybe im going 100% huel monday-friday, and 50-90 % huel on weekends (or maybe even less if i feel inspired too cook a lot). That way I hope to make cooking fun again, get enough nutrients and gain some weight.

I have tried huel before sometimes, and i know you should not just start with huel 100% suddenly, so i will try to not make a too hard switch. But in the future when i have had a almost 100% diet on huel for a while, and then suddenly is hanging out with a friend for a couple of days and eating normal food, will that work for my body? Should still drink some huel while hanging out with my friend to not shock my body? Will i be able to go back directly to 100% huel after some days?

Yes, when you are used to 100% Huel a few days off won’t make a difference. I can switch between 100% Huel and Huel once or twice a day with no issues.


Same as hunzas. I normally switch between 70% and 100% Huel, and sometimes have 0 Huel days, all without issue.

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