Eddie Abbew

I’m known at the guy who lives mostly off Huel to everyone in my family, friend groups and work. A lot of them keep sending me (jokingly) these videos of some Eddie Abbew guy on social media (I don’t do TikTok or Instagram) and he seems to have made a living off of slagging on conventional diets - but he also singles out Huel.

Personally I think he seems full of crap. He said Huel contained ‘beef protein’ which I find highly, highly unlikely in a certified Vegan product.

Have any of you come across his cra… stuff online?

What were your thoughts?

I’m noticing far too much convenience and benefits from Huel to listen to some angry guy online try to tell me otherwise.

I’m guessing because he’s flogging his own diet plans, so doing anything and everything to discredit anyone else (a rarity on the internet I know but there you go), even happens here on the forum from time to time.

'roid rage?

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You are my hero.

I mean sadly people do have opinions on Huel but we know what we are as do our Hueligans! :heart:


I wrote this article last summar expressing concerns about this sort of content.


That’s absolutely brilliant! Perfect thing to share with people clinging to those extremist and often false claims such as the person this thread it about. Thanks for sharing - I’ve sent it on to a few folks

It’s interesting seeing Eddie Abbew blowing up on socials with his “wake the f*** up” catchphrase, the whole “eating 30 eggs a day” thing and promoting the link between the gut and the mind. No one can deny that he’s had a positive impact raising awareness on ultra processed foods. HOWEVER, he chats way too much nonsense when it comes to Huel.

I’ve seen videos where he says “Huel is not real food”. We all know that - it’s better than real food! The “made in a lab” scaremongering is poor from him, especially since that’s one of Huel’s advantages. Huel is specifically formulated to give your body everything that it needs, all in one meal. He really should know better…

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So last week, coincidentally - not because of my friend sending me his clips - I started to think ‘maybe 400 calories a meal for breakfast / lunch, then 600 for dinner (H&S) is ‘enough’ calories for me’.

Off the back of us making fun of that Abbew guys videos in a college class last week, we got talking about great high calorie additions (for gaining weight being my main goal) and also the topic of whole foods being superior and the best form of fuelling the body.

That night I did a pretty extensive bit of research in terms of basically looking at all of the fruit, veg, nuts, seeds etc that the likes of Tesco sell. I wrote down all the ones I personally liked and could see myself eating and working into my diet. Some were surprisingly high calories (good to me) and others surprisingly little in nutrition.

So I spent about two hours preparing this - and then came the problem. Actually, how do I make meals out of them? WITHOUT what I used to do before Huel, which was opt for some meal kit or jar sauce - packed with salt… sugar… a few £ and usually serves 4 and doesn’t keep. I didn’t want to do that. And then the fruit and veg shelf life is quite poor, as is my local supermarkets tendency to keep them in stock reliably.

Basically it led me to the conclusion that Huel, is effectively, one of the ways I can consume a bunch of those whole foods - and ones I wouldn’t eat whole - and still get a bunch of the nutrition from it that many of these vegetables also have. And your comment above, about it being better than food. It got me thinking. Because on the face of it, people would find that quite arrogant and presume that it’s absurd and incorrect.

But as far as I can tell, there is nothing better than this sort of dried, blended into a powder then drank (or ate in terms of H&S). I don’t get paid to brown nose Huel, but I feel like that’s how I come across sometimes :rofl:

Though seriously, it’s not that I wouldn’t have the appetite for ‘normal food’ now, but I think I’d be stepping back in terms of vitamins / nutrients and all that I get from at least a powder shake a day.

I decided that there’s a few easy ways I can still have Huel for breakfast (shake) sometimes, lunch everyday (shake) and dinner (noodles pot or H&S) - things like bread with healthy peanut butter (a good few hundred calories easily), some sourdough and olive oil (also a couple hundred calories and goes well with H&S, fruit and nut mixes which were surprisingly high calorie but full of a lot of ‘good fats’ etc, and then a cereal at night.

Combined with Huel that’s a really easy to achieve, modular and flexible way of building the calories and there are quite a lot of little quick fixes or additions there that can be done, relatively healthily, to get me up to that ‘2500’ per day goal.

I’m quite happy that I found a way to consume mostly whole foods, not giving into salty, sugary or greasy and expensive / hard to keep normal food meals, or some extremely hard to maintain combination of raw ingredients that would take a lot of time to get prepared daily or weekly.

Huel’s processed, but other than a bit of sugar that I heard some people complaining about, and the price, it doesn’t seem to have many catches or drawbacks. Unless I’m missing something? I know this is the ‘official’ message board, but that doesn’t stop criticism from coming up and I actually would appreciate some to challenge my ideas of what I’ve found to be the best perfect formula for my eating after years of struggling with it.

And on Eddie Abbew, I don’t have TikTok / Instagram so I see a few seconds of whatever people send me before seeing a login wall - and no interest in finding a mesiah like dietician figure, but other than ridiculing other food or food norms, …what on earth does he recommend? Dozens of eggs per day? That can’t be good for you in any capacity surely :rofl: If his whole thing is ‘whole foods good’, what can he possibly hold agains Huel? Doesn’t he realise that ‘processed’ can be the difference between an apple, and a sliced apple on a plate? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: surely an ‘expert’ would understand how processed applies to food(s)