Edible RTD bottles

Following on from the frankly genius ideas of @Marcus and @ChristinaT, if the RTD bottle can be made edible that solves the whole plastic waste issue.

My vote goes to white chocolate. It could be like an Easter egg filled with RTD Huel. White chocolate would work great with RTD.



My vote goes to dark chocolate. The higher the cacao content the better


Maybe dark chocolate for the Berry RTD
White chocolate for the vanilla RTD
And milk chocolate for the chocolate RTD


Now we are getting somewhere

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How would work? Like a cream egg sort of thing? Thick chocolate shell, creamy huel on the inside.


Or like willy wonka when he eats the tea cup

This honestly sounds like the best thing ever


How would it solve the issue? If you’re going to eat the bottle, the bottle itself would very likely have to be packaged in something else. Unless you’re going to eat something which was in direct contact with the cardboard box it came in, or the likely-dirty shop shelf which it sat on. Unless say it’s like an apple, where you can wash it properly without damaging it, and then eat the whole thing including the outer peel (“packaging”). But how likely is that…


They could wrap the chocolate bottle in an apple.
3 foods in one.


Compostable skin. Like a banana :monkey:


Peelable like an eggshell. But vegan


Well they’re doing whisky pods now so…

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Make it wrapped in aluminium foil (which is fully recyclable) like a kinder surprise egg. Hopefully that will not make it illegal in the USA.


Side effect of that might be a lot of addicts getting better nutrition.

win win.

Tinfoil, chocolate munchies, fruit, and complete food in a drink… all in one product.
@hunzas ’ heaven

Enough of all this chocolate talk! Not everyone likes chocolate :smile:

I propose these instead:

Strawberry for the berry RTD
Raspberry for the vanilla RTD
Blueberry for the chocolate RTD

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Don’t believe you
Not possible
Brain can’t compute

With an edible bottle, it would be two meals in one. You drink the liquid for breakfast, then eat the bottle as your mid morning snack. Alternatively, just drink liquid all day and then save all the bottles for an edible bottle feast for dinner.

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I don’t think edible bottles are a good idea, here’s why:

  • The bottles themselves would need a package due to hygienic and logistical reasons. The additional packaging - regardless which material is used - usually outweighs the potential gains provided by the sub-par inner package,
  • Edible packaging is usually not as durable and has a bigger impact on the environment and is considerably more expensive.
  • Plastic waste isn’t a problem if it’s recycled or disposed of properly. In fact, plastic is usually the most environmentally friendly packaging material, if recycled.
  • The packaging of food accounts usually for only a fraction (< 2%) of the product’s environmental impact. All the resources used for the production of the food go to waste if it’s packaging is unsuitable.

This thread isn’t actually serious

Although, if Huel did release berry RTD encapsulated inside dark chocolate I would buy 36,000 cases immediately

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