Effect of Blending on glycaemic index

This may have been asked before. What is the effect of blending huel black on its glycaemic index? I’m asking because I make Huel daily for someone who has Type II diabetes for their breakfast. It tastes better blended but I want to know what is the effect on diabetes by blending it. I know blending generally increases the glycemic index of other foods.

Hey James, welcome back. @Dan_Huel might have a different opinion here, but if you are referring to any of our powders then I highly doubt further blending will change the GI drastically from it’s already low-GI. Huel is already a blended powder, the form isn’t changing drastically by blending further.

Thanks Tim, I was hoping this was the case :+1::blush:

Yeap Tim is right, James. There will be minimal, if any changes.

Thank you Dan

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