Email & forum problem

My prefs are set to ensure I get emailed all posts in threads I’m watching. This seemed to work without issue, however a couple of days ago I stopped getting any forum posts. I’ve just tried to change my registered email address in case that was the problem & was told a confirmation email had been sent to the new address I gave, only this hasn’t turned up either. Can anyone help?

Hi Michael,

There were quite a few email “bounces” from your account, so emails were automatically suspended for 30 days.

I have reset this, so you should now start getting emails again.

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Thanks. That old email address is unreliable so I’ll have another go at changing it to my google one to which they were getting forwarded anyway. Sorry for the hassle.

[Edit] Sorted. There shouldn’t be any further issues.

I guess the suspension was what prevented me changing my registered email sooner. I’m not sure if this is by design so thought I’d point this out to you. If it isn’t by design you might want to consider in the advent of bounces leading to a suspension, instead of suspending all emails concerning that account, only suspending them to that specific email address. In that way the user can correct the problem by switching to a working email account.

Thanks again for the assistance. Much appreciated.

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