Support response times

Hi All,

So i sent an email to support a week ago (on the 2nd March) because one of the Huel pouches had a split on one edge when it arrived and i haven’t had a response yet, is this normal?

I think it would be a good idea to add in the auto response to when an email is sent on an expected response, even if it is two weeks. At the moment there is nothing to manage expectations :thinking:

This isn’t me complaining, it’s more trying to establish if it is normal to not have a response after a week!

I waited a week & a half recently for a response to a similar issue (including 2 weekends when I assume they don’t work). It was resolved pretty quickly once a human answered my email but yeah, seems to be quite slow at the moment.

It’s the first time I’ve had any issues so don’t know if things are normally this slow.

By the way, I read somewhere that if you send another email chasing them it drops you back down the queue.

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Ah okay, sounds like i just need to wait a little longer :sweat_smile:

I hope not… I emailed them again this morning (responded to the ZenDesk auto email)

I emailed them about 2weeks ago about a delivery I was expecting the next day. I received a reply the next morning informing me that the changes had been applied, my package was delivered within the window given and all within 24hours of my query.

That’s awesome :smiley:

Yup, this has to do with the ‘customer case’ system.
Send another email and the system will consider it an update to the case,
so back down you go.
It’s a pretty good system for customer service, but can be inefficient as well.

I guess they have an interesting triage system, some queries are easily dealt with quicker

I did too after a week of no response except the auto email :frowning: It doesn’t sound like the best way of managing it - rather frustrating!

They receive a hell of a lot of emails a day according to Olivia, Don’t know how many people work in there customer services or how many emails are actual complaints. But sounds like it needs a big upgrade to deal with emails quicker

I think they are feeling the pain. @Tim_Huel has even given up reprimanding me when cnuts flag my posts for being abusive…3 weeks after I post them. Good to see he is engaged in proper work rather than appeasing those slow forum users.


They obviously have a lot of work to do with customer service and account management lately.


Seems like it. If they would allow mw to work from home I could do some emails for them. Just the commute to Aylesbury takes about 4 hours.

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Working from home would be convenient and not impossible, many companies
actually choose to do this (it be part-time).
I’m in The Netherlands, heck that would be a travel to work :sweat_smile:

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It makes sense these days. Working from home is more the norm than going to office.

Yea and with the online/cloud possibilties it’s more than convenient anyway.

For sure. No doubt when they read this tomorrow they will gave recruited us both as employees. They need some capable hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, already going to switch jobs in a few weeks so they’d be a little late.
But if it doesn’t work out, who knows. :sunglasses:
Huel CS NL :wink:

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I saw Tim posted that they are replying to 500 emails per day.
And a bit later Olivia posted that they receive 1000 emails per day.
By my maths that means they are accumulating 3,500 unanswered emails every week!
They definitely need @hunzas on the team to help them out. He’d scare off at least half the waiting list with his clown mask and big knife, and half the other half would get offended by his jokes and never come back, leaving only 25% for him to deal with, which judging by how much spare time he has on his hands, he would clear in a day I reckon :stuck_out_tongue:


Spot on. :slight_smile:

I seen that as well, they definitely need more staff to deal with this now as it will only get worse as Huel grows. Hope Julian has a plan, @hunzas is ready and willing