Excited to be a member of the Huel Family

Hi everyone,

So at the minute I am on holiday in Taiwan, easily eating 3 times my body weight in a day at least… however today I received a picture from Home of my Huel starter pack, and this is the first time I have ever felt any form of positivity towards any kind of positive health choices (I have never consciously dieted and I hate the gym). But since I’ve hit 30 I’ve noticed my stomach growing and growing so I think this holiday has been what has been the straw that broke the camel’s back. 0B2FDCA6-ECB9-44A6-AA57-50C578F49A78

I am 31 next month, 6ft tall and weighed 100kg before this holiday.

My question is to find out how people have found first starting Huel, particularly if they have never done anything other than the occassional gym visit. Is it best to transition (I’m thinking replacing breakfast and lunch but may replace dinner too)?

As much as I am loving my time in Taiwan, I can’t wait to start when I get back on Sunday!! I intend to share my experiences as I go or make a blog or something. :grinning:


Good to hear that you’re joining the community!

My advice would be to start out by replacing breakfast every day. For me, I found that this was the easiest way to ease into it.

After that, you can always think about replacing lunch or dinner with Huel too!

Good luck with everything :slight_smile:

Hi James! Great to have you so excited to be using Huel - you’re going to love it! We’ve all been guilty of going a bit overboard on holiday and then coming to that same realisation.

You’ll find loads of trips and tricks here from people in exactly the same situation as you. But definitely ease yourself in, don’t get to excited! Have a few goes at making Huel: shaking, blending, adding ice, flavour boost and more! There’s loads of ways to make it.

Look forward to your updates!

Hi! Thanks for the replies. So far I have been really enjoying it but what I noticed immediately after trying it was a feeling of uncomfortable bloatedness. I will be honest, I have spoken to the doctor about it previously who said I may have H.Pylori but after medication, which didn’t really seem to change much, I just let it go and decided I may just be easily bloated.

But now I am starting to think that I may actually be Allergic to gluten as there is definitely a pattern behind what makes me feel bloated and that would link with the gluten content in Huel.

At the end of my first 2 weeks I am needing to order more very soon so will definitely give the Gluten Free Version a go. I’ll be going back to the doctor soon no doubt.

One of the things I find so convenient is the fact that with Huel it is so easy to keep a track of Calorie intake! I’ve downloaded an app to track all calorie input and output and I have been given a new set of Smart scales that sync with my apps (and tell me the weather forecast ha!):ok_hand:t2:

I’ll let you know!

If you think you can’t have gluten then you need to stop having it immediately. There’s no such thing as being slightly allergic or sensitive to gluten; your body can either deal with it or it can’t. If it can’t then gluten is literally killing you by damaging the cells in your small intestIne. Get the GP to send you for tests ASAP. .https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Coeliac-disease/Pages/Introduction.aspx

I believe standard Huel is already ultra-low in Gluten, so you may not notice a difference getting the Gluten Free version.