Exercise ideas

Hi people,

I’ve just recently got back on the Huel for weight loss, and I’m looking to pair it up with going back to exercising more.

I used to do a lot of exercise when I was younger, however, I suspect it will be a bit more difficult this time. I now struggle with gout and that limits my options.

I used to run a lot, but I simply can’t do it anymore without being laid up for several days with immense pain in my feet. Swimming is logistically difficult because I’m nowhere near a pool. I’ve taken to cycling to work but if anybody has any bright ideas on the cardio front, I’d be grateful to hear them.

As far as core goes, I used to use a lot of planking, but my feet mean that’s not viable either. I can still do sit ups and Russian twists with a medicine ball. Any ideas on how to supplement that?

I realise it sounds like I’m making lots of excuses but the gout has caused me a lot of problems with many exercises that I used to do.

Cycling is great for cardio fitness.
Maybe just start with that if it’s something you’ve found is possible?
If you have any local woodland you might find that more fun than road cycling (?)
Yoga can be great for core strength, actually strength in general, but you’d need a good teacher to help you find a practice that suits you and doesn’t aggravate your feet

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@Dan you might want to be cautious around Huel if you have a gout flair up. It seems to be one condition that really does get aggravated by the Purines in Huel.

Check out this article

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The purine levels are a slight concern, but they’re largely offset by the increased vitamin C, reduced body fat and increased hydration I experience when I’m using Huel.

Of course, I may find that I’m completely wrong, but I’ve been back on nothing but Huel for almost a week now and not had a flare up, so fingers crossed.


I think most people have commented that it doesn’t necessarily trigger a flare up but they find they need to stop drinking it for a while if they do get a flare up as it can aggravate it.
Everyone’s different though.
Sounds like you know what’s best for you.
Good luck with the exercise - let us know how you get on

I appreciate the heads up.

The yoga suggestion is a good one too. Wouldn’t have thought of that.

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Indoor rowing is one of the best all round exercises you can do. It works like 85% of your body, no impact on joints, it can be as gentle or as intense as you want, it’s great for cardio and muscle exercise and if you’re nailing it you can burn 800kcal an hour. If you have the space at home you can buy an indoor rower for reasonable money.


That’s actually a very good idea from @Coup


Rowing is a good idea. Won’t be able to do it at home but I live 5 minutes walk from the gym anyway so that’s no great hardship.


Rowing is cheap in my house. I just lost the last one however when I called my wife psycho Sarah. She burnt off a lot of calories yelling at me. So thanks for that @Bee.


Haha love it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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