Using Huel to get into shape (I could use some advice)

Hey all !

Im looking to use Huel to sort out my diet and get into shape, I’m hoping that some of you can share some advice?

I am currently 5ft 11 and 245 libs.
Was a professional musician for over 10 years (Stage show was very energetic), also skateboarded everywhere. I gave up on music a few years ago (When the money fell out of the industry)…since then my weight has ballooned, and I’m no where near as active as I once was (I don’t even skateboard anymore)

Add to that exercise now actually hurts…This is due to lack of exercise for so long my core muscles are super weak…If I go running, for example, I’m in pain with my back after 30 minutes that can last a few days.


I need to get into shape…Im going to be using Huel to sort out my diet (will ease in gradually to 100% over a week or two). Does anyone have any advice on A) how to strengthen core muscles (At home ideally) B) What exercise techniques are best for weight loss, but not necessarily to gain muscle (well not in a body builder way anyway).

My goal is to get back to 175-180lbs. Id also like to take up skating again, maybe even cycling or swimming too and generally be healthier all round.

I really appreciate any help or support anyone can give…
Thanks all

That’s a tonne of information to request! :smiley:

First thing would be calculating how many calories you need (approximately) per day. There’s a whole load of calculators online about this. If you want to lose weight/fat, eat 200-500 below this per day. If you’ll be working out as you say you will, I’d at least aim to hit this value, preferably exceed it.

You’ll seriously struggle to gain strength on a cut. The quickest way to jump up in strength would be to exceed your target by perhaps 500 per day. Also remember to account for calories lost through exercise.

I’d recommend checking out r/fitness on Reddit. I started reading in January at 17st2lb, by May I was 13st6lb with a whole load more muscle mass. Can’t recommend it enough.

Hi buddy,
If you are cool with going to 100% huel then 2000 - 2500 cal per day and the weight will start to fall off, days that you don’t go 100% try to maintain your calories intake, Ie 1500 cal huel and 500-1000 food, I suggest working your calories out over a 7 day average rather than trying to maintain them daily as it works out easier.
As for excersise, do what it is you want to get fit doing, so get out on your skateboard man,
Other thing I would suggest is do not be scared of lifting weights, and other resistance training, you will not bulk up like you think, bulking up takes a lot of effort and focus to achieve but increasing your strength will benefit you in more ways than you think.
It has taken me to get into my 40s to realise the benifits of strength training (note it’s not always weightlifting) and as I say I’m not a body builder, I like to do mountain biking but having strength and toned muscles keeps me feeling fitter than ever, rather than doing hours of cardio.
I also suggest doing things that are useful in daily life, jog, swim and bike are good ways to keep fit.
Hope this helps, I’m only part of my way on my own journey so don’t have all the answers but I’m feeling good :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to both of you for your replies, super kind of you to spare the time :slight_smile:

@GTIPuG I took your advice. To maintain my weight, looks like Ill need a little over 2500 cals per day…So I reckon if I aim for 1700 of Huel, plus some exercise, that should do the trick…Im going to start light with some cardio just to get a little bit of fitness…Ill deft check out that Reddit page too btw, Thanks !

@elbob My goal is to get back on my skateboard ASAP…Your advice about working out calories over a seven day period instead of daily makes sense to me man, its probably easier to maintain some will power that way too, in my mind… I think cycling sounds like a plan too…Thanks for the advice on weights too man, ill give them a shot.

Does anyone know how to strengthen core muscles? My back muscles in particular are really week, if i could strengthen them, it would help with running, cardio, posture, etc yeah?

Apologies if i seem like a total n00b, I’m completely new to all this

For strengthening of general core muscles and improvement of ‘power’, I’d start with the 5 compound lifts. Not for bodybuilding, but just general bodily function.

  • Barbell rows will strengthen your upper legs through stability, your core through stability and also upper back, rear delts and biceps through the primary movement.
  • Deadlifting will do your back and legs a world of good as well as activation of your traps.
  • Squats take a tonne of core strength at higher weights
  • Overhead pressing also takes a large amount of core strength for stability as well as working your back and shoulders
  • Bench pressing would be advisable to ensure any strength gains are balanced with your chest

As accessories, for back I’d recommend seated low rows, lat pull downs (or pull ups if you’re not a beginner) and perhaps some face pulls.

For abs I’d recommend ab wheeling and maybe leg raises, although as above, a lot can be done for your core through compound lifts.

Only downside to all this is that it more than likely requires a gym, which is not a bad idea considering what you seem to be after.

For strength improvement I’d suggest looking up “Stronglifts”, it was a great introduction to lifting for me.

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@GTIPuG Thank you man, thats awesome :slight_smile:

I would also consider a road bike with a turbo trainer, this will enable you to gradually get fitter on the bike before going out on the road. Huel is a good post exercise drink and I usually cycle to work on an empty stomach and have the Huel for breakfast as soon as I get to work.

Have you considered getting a fitbit or similar? I’m 5ft5 and weigh 185lb (female) and routinely burn the best part of 3000 calories a day. Granted I’m reasonably active but only in walking and a bit of running several times a week. With all that in mind, I’m not convinced that your calculation of 2500 calories to maintain is too low. My biggest fail with weightloss is eating too little and then binging because I’m starving.

My core muscles are also shot to pieces - I hear pilates is good for core but I just can’t stand it.


That’s verging on the calorie burn of a semi-pro athlete. What on Earth do you do every day to burn 3000 calories?!

Semi pro athletes are rather more efficient at burning calories than fat birds. :slight_smile:

For a start I’m 3 1/2 stone overweight and fatties need more calories to move (putting paid to the myth that “our metabolism is slow” and I guess I’m reasonably active. I average a bit over 15000 steps a day, some of it running.

Not much of an incentive for getting fit and losing weight - I’ll need even less bloody calories


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Meh 3 and a half stone isn’t that much. That’s still within the point of no return. I was at the same stage in January, it’s easy enough to escape, believe me :slight_smile:

Aim for 1750 for a few months and you’re golden. Took me 5 months to drop almost 4 stone. Energy in vs Energy out at the end of the day, sure you can do it :smiley:

Check out the youtube channel calisthenic movement for some strength-building exercises you can do at home

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I was 17st and 5’ 6" (actually, I still am 5’ 6"!). I did some fairly extreme (and calculated) fasting to shed 4 stone in about 6 months.

Most folk won’t get away with that for long, so it was only ever going to be Phase 1. For Phase 2, I started hitting the weights and reintroducing food in the form of Huel.

The fasting eradicated carb / sugar cravings and now I find that I can comfortably target my calorie intake to meet my training / weight loss goals.

As I was quite obese, I’m still managing to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, but that too shall pass. Huel allows me to easily regulate my calories on a meal by meal basis so I absolutely recommend it for getting in shape.

Best of luck!

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What he said the best way to change your body composition without a doubt is to follow a strength training program consistently 3 times a week is enough.

I use this calculator online to readjust my calories as I lose body fat this will allow you to know roughly how much you should be eating (and drinking) to tap into your fat stores.

Then download Myfitnesspal for your phone and track EVERYTHING you eat and drink I mean everything do not cheat yourself like I used to do, every calorie counts,start reading labels for the kcal and shizz yes be “that guy” in the supermarket.

Drink plenty of water a day as well which will help tremendously curb any hunger pangs and also help your body run properly I drink a gallon a day which is tough for some people but I only drink water so its easier for me I also have an app for that.

If you are in pain when running then DO NOT run putting yourself into that much strain straight away just fucks up your nervous system start by walking, I walk everywhere, they say 10,000 steps a day which is roughly 5 miles because most people will burn 500cals doing that even more the heavier you are, 500 a day for 7 days is 3500 which is a pound of fat, so walking 5 miles a day will grant you a loss of roughly a pound a week on top of your calorie deficit you will be losing 2 pounds a week saweeeeet!.

It’s all about consistency my friend if you have a shitty day and eat more than you need, so be it just forget about it and move on and get back on the horse as it were.

I can also recommend intermittent fasting which helps you help your body tap into your fat stores better if your drinking enough water you won’t have to worry about feeling hungry plus there is nothing wrong with feeling hungry as long as you have given yourself enough energy for the day.

You can easily get back to your normal shape a year mate DO NOT rush this I mean it take it slow adapt and change progress takes time a year is reasonable to lose what you want to lose and keep it off plus is you do strength training in a year you will have a strong and muscular body which will slowly reveal itself to you giving you a reason to carry on.


Thanks everyone. Some really great advice here, that I will absolutely be using.

I’m also 2 days into 100% Huel and finding it tasty and filling, which makes really easy to stick with.