FAO webteam - possibly something screwy going on with the basket experience/cookies

Hello Huel folks,

There might be something odd going on when trying to add products to the cart in the UK shop…

If I go to the main nav and click Products > Complete Nutrition Bar, the URL is Huel Shop but I’m redirected to Huel Shop

If I click to add a selection box to my cart, I can see a black bar at the bottom of the screen which shows that my selection box has been “added” to… My cart I assume? But the cart icon in the top-right doesn’t seem to change to show that it contains items:

This is where it gets weird and the behaviour doesn’t follow other sites: if I find the link for - say - meal pots - and open it in a new tab, then:

  • There’s nothing in my cart on the subsequent page
  • The bar at the bottom has reset to “SPEND £35.00 MORE TO CONTINUE”

If I go back to the first tab for bars and refresh the page, the black bar at the bottom still shows that I have chosen some bars.

Thinking about this behaviour, my guess is that this is the “build your bundle” functionality, and it only works if I select everything in the same browser tab?

Does this mean I can’t just add a box of bars to my cart?

One other thing I think I’m seeing is, if I use Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extension to inspect cookies for the two tabs, it looks like there are three or four cookies whose name begins “cart” which seem to be duplicated for two URLs, and have identical values on the page they’re on, but some of the values are different (e.g. timestamps) across the two pages:

Anyway, I only mention this because I’m trying to add things to my cart from more than one tab (I like to one tab per product I’m interested in and have a read about it rather than having one tab open - I know, I’m weird :slight_smile: ) and I can do that here because I don’t seem to be able to get past the “you need to add £x of products to your basket” to continue message ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The build your bundle page, and ‘bundle selection’ in the bottom navigation bar, is likely all within JavaScript client side (your browser) until you click the green Continue button through to the ‘Before you go’ page.

When you click each product title on the Build Your Bundle it updates the product card section within the page with the chosen product content, the page itself is not refreshed from the server.

Until you continue to the ‘Before you go’ page the bundle selection only exists within your current browser tab, which is why opening in a new tab does not show the previously selected items. Once you go through to the ‘Before you go’ page it will be persisting the bundle state data to the server at which point it will appear in the top right basket in any tab once refreshed.

You will have to have one tab as your ordering tab for adding items, opening items in other tabs to read and returning to the ordering tab to actually add them to the bundle you are building.

What is odd however is the fact you can’t continue to basket after adding a single box of bars to your bundle. For me it appears to work even if logged out.

Edit: I can replicate it by opening the site in an incognito, it then stops me progressing to basket unless the bundle values is over £35

So, the problem then seems to be that either all product links should have their own Build-a-Bundle tab (because e.g. RTD Black isn’t part of BaB - why?), or it should perhaps be more obvious that I can no longer just add a single box of bars to my basket at the same time as setting up a subscription to RTD (because I can’t just add a £28.60 box of bars to my basket - I have to select >£35 of products.

This is a really confusing user experience… :-/


Black is in there in the bundle builder, perhaps they haven’t updated the main link as yet Huel Shop

I’m not sure when they changed everything over to the bundle only.

Appreciate you reaching out and sharing this feedback.

I’d like to say I have all the knowledge…turns out in regards to websites and how they are built…I have none. I’ll pass this over for someone to have a look at for sure!