Info box on basket page is ignored

On the card included with Huel orders it says to mention in the info box on the basket page if you need another scoop.

For my most recent order (#4976), which I’ve just received, I wrote in the comment/info box on the basket page: “Please include a scoop”.

But this wasn’t done. During the picking and packing process, is the info/comment box ignored, or was someone simply not paying attention on this particular occasion?

No response from anybody at Huel / Bodyhack Ltd after several days, even though you’ve responded to other, newer posts. The product is quite good, but your customer service is very poor.

Here, let me help you with that. Here’s the response I would have written if I were you:

"Sorry that was overlooked in your order. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ve put in place a process to ensure that in the picking and packing stage the comments box is checked carefully, so hopefully this shouldn’t happen again. We’ll be sure to include one in your next order."

What do you think of the reply I wrote on your behalf, the one you couldn’t be bothered to write yourselves?

Hi there Eldrin, I’ve been off for a day and have only just caught up on all the posts here on the forum, and I’m not even affiliated with Huel! I have a feeling that you might of slipped through the net here. I had a missing scoop in my package, and it was sorted out right away soon as I messaged them.

Try adding @Julian to your message, it sends him an email as well, so he can respond a bit more promptly.

As this is your second order, you must of been on Huel for a while. Any tips or ideas you’ve had that might prove beneficial?

edit As a side note, check your email that you used to sign up to this forum. They emailed me about my scoop after an initial response on here. Might have also gone into your spam folder.

Covers required points but very generic, lacks personality. Passable attempt but could try harder; 3/5.

:smiley: Sorry, not helpful, but couldn’t resist. Hope you get your scoop soon!

Hi @eldrin.

Sorry I missed your forum post.

Yes this was a mistake by the picking and packing team, we do apologise. I will remind them of the policy to add additional scoops if requested by the customer.

May I ask if you have a scoop currently you can use or do you need another send out asap?

Kind regards,


It can wait till next time.

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