Feedback on the flavour pouches please!

I’ve tried the toffee flavour.

It’s very nice, but I had to a triple dose to make it strong enough. I tried adding it to the unflavoured Huel, and ended up using a 6x dose, which still wasn’t strong enough for me.

I’m not a fan of the stevia sweetener. I’d rather it was sweetened with aspartame as the stevia taste is distracting.

My biggest annoyance though, was just trying to close the bag. The seal is hard to close and sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes to clean it, and get it properly sealed ready to put away.

I’ll likely buy more of this in future.

I hate aspartame with a passion…to me it has a long lasting aftertaste and I have never been able to drink diet drinks containing it as I need a proper drink afterwards to get rid of the taste.

I’m glad I tried them but I’m not a huge fan of the flavour pouches. I’ve tried toffee and strawberry. They add a bit of variety so I’ll use them every now and again for a change.

Instead, when I’m at home I’m adding a handful of frozen fruit or a teaspoon of cocoa.

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I’ve tried the banana now too.

To beef up the sweetness of the unflavoured Huel, I added 2 tsp of the banana flavour, and 1 tsp of 100% pure Stevia. The flavour is acceptable, although quite artificial tasting. It is is nice for a change, but nothing spectacular.

I wonder if its the stevia that makes me think it tastes artificial? I figured you guys probably wouldn’t have put anything weird in it for the flavouring.
It’s that or I’m just spoilt by the sheer volume of banana I consume on a day to day basis without Huel, I usually eat a couple every day, usually mixed with something weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I first ordered huel I tried the chocolate flavour system, I found it to be too sweet when added to vanilla (probably the extra stevia). I now just used a bit of alkalised cocoa powder or a couple of chunks of frozen fruit in the blender.


I like the vanilla but I bought the add on banana flavour for the unsweetened version and I think its awful.
I am putting natural vanilla extract in my unsweetened one from now on. I think a caramel or butterscotch flavour would compliment huel more


PS I would love to try the chocolate and mocha but I’m really sensitive to caffeine and anything that can cause your blood sugar to go up. Anyone with similar issues Id love to know how you get on with these flavours. I’m just using decaff coffee in my unflavoured huel

On u/u ive used the mocha and found that i have to use a whole tea spoon to flavour the shake . Just had new delivery of mocha and chocolate so will post once ive tried it

Custard: okay but could have more of an emphasis on the custard and have a more custardy, creamy taste.
Pineapple and coconut: good, but i barely taste the coconut and mostly the pineapple.

Both have a bitter aftertaste (if I use less the flavor is too weak). I have read this is because of stevia and really wished you stuck with the same sweetener as for the vanilla Huel. Sucralose tastes the most similar to sugar from all artificial sweeteners. But I understand that it goes well with unflavored and unsweetened for some people who are looking for natural (fallacy lol).
Having two versions is too much probably and I prefer more flavors over a sucralose version probably because I don’t want to get tired of Huel. All in all, Huel is a great product, and from competitors, I will only buy a few limited editions or flavors that are not possible from Huel (to mix things up), but Huel will dominate by daily shakes.

@DEL1337 you are right stevia has a bitter aftertaste, and again you are correct some people don’t like sucralose because it’s man made making the choice of sweetener very tricky.

We are working on it.

Didn’t like rhubarb and custard. Liked chocolate but this week I have tried strawberry and banana in vanilla V2 and both are wonderful! I actually feel more full up with them for longer too.

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I’ve started using a liquid flavour additive instead of the Huel pouches. The problem I find with the pouches isn’t so much to do with the taste, but with the hassle of opening and attempting to reseal the flavour pouch each time. A liquid flavour additive is much more convenient, less messy and requires less time to try and reseal afterwards. The additive I’m using has sucralose too, instead of stevia, which results in a much more pleasant taste IMHO.

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That’s given me a thought.
Could I add water to the powder and make a solution, chuck it in a bottle and add a few drops to the Huel?

It might go off.

Oh sweet baby ray they are horrid. :joy::joy: I know stevia is a natural product but I find it has a really bitter aftertaste, its artifical tasting a bit like eating a spoonful of one of the old sweeteners like canderel or hermesetas. I’ve tried half a teaspoon and the rest of the pouches are loitering unopened in the cupboard.

Sorry that they aren’t for you. Stevia is an odd one, with the benefit of coming from natural sources it is very popular. We wanted to make them so that those who opted for the Unsweetened version - to avoid sucralose - could enjoy them too.

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options to flavour it yourself. When in doubt, add coffee and ice!

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You can’t please all of the people! I’ve found lots of great ways to flavour it so I’m not too dissapointed :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I’ve just started with Huel, bought the gluten free unflavoured one. First of all very surprised in a good way with the taste! I am also using the chocolate flavour which I find quite good. There is certainly that special taste with Stevia, but far better than other products I have tried. Using the same flavour 4 times a day one gets quickly tired of it. So I have just ordered the Strawberry one which many seem to be happy with.
Interested to find other ways to flavour it, maybe with salty stuff for a change. Is there a list of easy recipes available?
Shelley_Wood, I’m interested to hear what you use :slight_smile:

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There are loads of ideas dotted around the forum and our website! Here are two other threads about flavourings to get you started:

I hope this helps. Let us know if you need some more :slight_smile: