Feedback on the flavour pouches please!

Had Rhubarb and custard and mocha. My partner bought chocolate, but I don’t like only chocolate flavoured things hence trying the mocha.

The mocha is okay, smells fantastic though. I much prefer the rhubarb and custard, but to get the intensity of taste I like, I do need to add 3g which doesn’t make it such an economical choice. I will buy banana flavour on my next order and really looking forward to that.

Love the strawberry one, my fave flavour imo, but the pineapple one tastes waaay too much of sweetener. I mainly mix them in with unsweetened gluten free huel.

Agree to both comments

I really love all flavours apart from the one I have not tried (and don’t really fancy) the thingy Tea.

Flavour suggestions (which you’ve probably already had):

Salted Caramel
Chocolate Praline
Coconut only
Mango/Passion Fruit

How about a citrus sorbet flavour (lime, lemon, or orange) with a bit of sparkle for summertime?


My first day on Huel yesterday and I tried the strawberry and found it an intense flavour and enjoyable. It is a little ‘synthetic’ in it’s taste which is understandable. I preferred blending in frozen fruit but the strawberry flavour pouch will be great for when I am travelling.

Instead of providing flavour pouches it would be better if Huel was provided pre-flavoured like many others do. Yes, you can’t choose how much flavour you get. But Huel should be convenient.

I find myself not wanting Huel because it tastes boring and not wanting to add a flavour because it’s a horrible experience. I have to use an extra teaspoon, estimate how much flavour I need, and the flavour pouches are hard to seal. The flavour doesn’t always mix in properly either.

This is going to look old fashioned soon.

See my reply here:

I’ve got two flavours, the Matcha Tea, and the Banana, both are nice, however, with 100g of Huel(unflavoured) and 500ml water I find that 2g of flavour is not enough to get the same intensity of flavour from the premixed vanilla flavour. I end up using 3-4g.

I’d love some savoury options, like a tomato soup, or green thai curry.


The pouches have transformed Huel for me. With the standard vanilla I found myself not looking forward to it as much as I’d like, which led to craving other foods. I have kept up with breakfast and lunch Huel for nearly 4 weeks now, but found it difficult between the 2nd & 3rd week. Then I got the flavour pouches!

First was banana, which is fantastic when you get it right. If you add too much it becomes very strange, but with a tiny bit at a time added you’ll get the perfect flavour. So use it sparingly and you won’t go far wrong. My personal favourite.

Second was chocolate, which my first go with wasn’t great. Found it a bit weak. Then I put a tiny bit more in the next time and absolutely loved it. Loving both!

So the moral of the story is, you can easily give yourself too much or too little depending on the flavour. I think all of them are different and require different amounts to get to your preference. If you put too much or too little in, you will be disappointed. So don’t just have a standard 2g for every flavour, go a bit at a time. The amount of Huel you have with it will also affect the taste, as will the amount of water. Now I know this I’m enjoying every mouthful rather than having it for convenience only.

Looking forward to having a go at a few more over the next few months! I’m really sticking to the ones that have had the best reviews currently… the rest appear to be a work in progress!

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It’s true I could probably find a way around it. But I doubt I can mix it as consistently as Huel could. It’s still effort. The particles will make a mess. There’s almost no downside to providing pre-flavoured pouches.

I ordered the chocolate and the rhubarb/custard to flavour my non-vanilla Huel. I find I have to use way more than the recommended half teaspoon with the chocolate but I do really like it. I hated the rhubarb/custard, I don’t know what’s wrong with it but the flavour really didn’t work for me.

Takes a lot more flavour powder to make a noticeable impact on unflavoured.

Hi Julian, I purchased one of each a while back, the only ones i liked where the strawberry and banana. The others tasted to much like a bag of chemicals than anything edible, but that may be just me!

I don’t currently use any pouches as I’m happy with the vanilla, however, might be a cool idea to look into flavour pouches that where healthier ( stevia, natural flavourings etc… ) and also maybe served a secondary purpose (flavourings containing creatine for bodybuilders or some blend of nootropics etc…)

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Things like this would alienate those who don’t want it. Adding Creatine would create alot more bulk, and wouldn’t be of use to all. It’s such a cheap supplement that anyone who wants it, has it.

My wife is celiac, celiac goes with lactose intolerance; even the wrong lipstick can make her feel sick for 3 days. Your Gluten Free huel is a life savior!

We are now quite good in mixing huel with fruits and other ingredients to make quick yet amazing shakes, so flavours are not something we need.

When we placed our first order, we wished we could try flavours; it’s a pity that the flavours arent allergens free as your main product.

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I’ve tried Cacao, Mocca, and Toffee so far. (With unflavored Huel.)

What works really well: combining the chocolate one with two espressi or lungo coffees. The toffee works even better in this combination! Cacao also goes well with banana.

However, in all three cases: they are too sweet, on their own or in a mix. I definitely could go for “reduced sweetness, more aroma” versions. I admit I’m not a fan and would not reorder them, though I suspect I’ll use up the Cacao and Toffee ones over time. (Something that tastes like whole milk or heavy cream without the sugar and fat, for example!)

Hi everyone,

My wife and I have recently started hueling and it’s been really helpful reading everyone’s thoughts on comments on how to get the most out of Huel, so first off thank you all!

One thing we wanted to check though - are all the flavour systems completely vegan? I can see that both huels are but couldn’t see confirmation anywhere as to whether that extended to the flavourings as well.

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Yes they are!

Yep, I made the mistake of over-ordering the chocolate flavour (I just assumed I would like it and still have two unopened bags). It has too much of an artificial sweetener taste for me. Perhaps I will try combining with something else as you have. I really enjoy the strawberry flavour though and have now ordered the pineapple and coconut. Blending with fresh blueberries has also worked well. As others have noted, leaving overnight, I find, improves the flavour and texture.

That’ll be the stevia. Perhaps try an alternative with sucralose instead (the sweetener used in Huel itself).

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