FiFiMacs Weight Loss Journey


Had started a previous thread but seemingly unable to edit title of thread?
Who am I? - 42yr old female, 5st to lose, secret/comfort/binge eater.

Week 1
Don’t cha just LOVE 1st weeks back on plan LoL!..

I replaced lunch+arvo snack with smothies - 50g Huel with frozen fruit and 1/4 Avo in each.
Breakii’s are 2eggs mashed with hald avo on a slice of rye bread.
Dinners - This week I’ve over eaten on M&S salad pots and chkn but the idea was just to eat clean-ER (not lemon drizzle and Gin as had been previous couple of weeks!)
I’m attempting to stay around 1500 cals p/day Mon-Fri to allow for a couple GnTs and more carbs of a w/e with hubby.
Exercise - I’ve only done the 2 yoga classes - decided not to beat myself up about it too

…I lost…-6lb!!! 4days!!!
Now I’m feeling a little more motivated HaHa!


Are you Australian? This is impossible to read. :frowning:
If you are quite overweight the initial weight lose can happen in shocking amounts, don’t be discouraged when it slows down, it can continue.


Just my short hand - you’ll get used to it - or you won’t read my blog LoL!
Lost a LOT of weight previously so I’m fully prepared for ups n downs of weight loss - altho as a female I reserve the right to be unresaonable and reactive to scale weight and lack of significant weekly losses at any point throughout this journey! LoL!


1st day of Huel for breakii & dinner yesterday = fine.
I added some ‘things’ to breakii shake and it didn’t taste good :frowning:
Dinner just plain Vanilla Huel = YUM! :smiley:
So will be going plain from now on.
Am using MFP and my cals were too low yesterday with my lunch+snack so have added more food for now but over time will make the switch to more Huel.

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How’s your weight loss journey going? I’ve just started my Huel and its taking a bit to get used to

Hi @WendiWoo!
Great this week! - only just clambered back on the wagon - but going well so far
I’ve drunk protein shakes for years so Huel is quite comfortable for me - but yes it can be abit strange LoL!
How you getting on? I read you have 2.5St to go - have you loat a lot already with your band?

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ive lost 3 stone so far and another 2lb this week, so its going in the right direction. I find huel is definitely giving me more energy and I don’t get the 3pm sugar low which makes me quite sleepy - so that’s a real bonus

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Great stuff!
Interesting to me that whilst I have a similar amount of weight to lose but a gastric band wouldn’t enter my head - do you feel able to share what prompted you to head down that route?

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-2.5lb = VERY pleased!
Glad my body’s playing ball with decent levels of cals/carbs.
I have moved a LOT but none of it’s been overly intense, tho tough whilst carrying the extra weight.
Same again next week please!

Exercise this week:
Sat+Sun: 1.5m walk
Mon: 1.5m walk, cycle commute (40mins total), 45mins Yoga, 20mins swim
Tues: 1.5m walk, cycle commute (40mins total), 75mins Yoga
Wed: Cycle commute (40mins total), 75min foam roller
Thurs: 1.5m walk, cycle commute (40mins total), 45mins Pilates*, 20mins swim
Fri: 1.5m walk (massage tonight)

*Didn’t like Pilates  - More the instructor than the Pilates altho the breathing is wrong/different to yoga – in nose out mouth rather than in/out nose – prefer yoga.
The instructor was too focussed on regulars and too busy chatting with them at start of class to notice/ask if anyone new/never done class!
But she then told me off for modifying exercises – I said ‘it is my 1st time back in 10yrs’ – ‘oh ok, no problem’ – she then started giving modification instructions.
She did whole class herself and didn’t once circulate the room?!

Diet this week:
Breakii: 50g Huel shake + 50gEggWhites (just to use up, will use PPer) + ¼ Avocado + 1Banana + 1Apple +TspHoney
Snack: ½ Grande Carbkilla bar
Lunch: GreenBeans + CherryToms + 75gTuna + 2Eggs + 1SliceRyeBread + 1Wedge of LCL + 90gRice
Dinner: 50g Huel shake (Mon+Tues+Thurs)(Wed: Mackerel+Potatoes+Salad)



Phenomenal w/e!

Fri PM:
Phenomenal massage! – fucking painful but in all the right places (hips/IT etc) and I’m a LOT more mobile now!

Lots of pottering that I love and we made it round our 2.5mile walk before GnT in hot tub – just one – and on-plan with diet

Phenomenal PT session! – He’s listened to exactly what I want hurrah!
He had me do a few exercises to assess bio-mechanics – interesting…
I’m surprisingly strong in the belly of my muscles in static type moves – press up/squat
But the muscles don’t/movement doesn’t link up very well at all! – walking lunges are tough man & burpees…forget it!
So this is our focus, he reckons it shouldn’t take long 4-6weeks.
We had a great session and he’s given me the routine to do myself one day a week in gym too – purfik!

We then went to our fave country house hotel for lunch – gorgeous! – one GnT pre-dinner and then just sparkling water.
Beetroot salad to start, roast pork – yes I had crackling, bit naught, but cut fat off pork, just 2 roasties – no pud, coffee comes with little petit fours so enjoyed them

BIG breakii – didn’t feel good after – I am learning tho
Rest of day on-plan and again 2.5mile walk

Was VERY interesting to track cals via MFP – whilst I did go over (including exercise cals!) – I was only at 2500
This was VERY interesting as thinking about our usual bank hols we would have not exercised and eaten a guestimate addition 2000-3000 cals; wine, beer, crisps etc
So whilst I would’ve liked to have stuck to plan better – progress not perfection.
I therefore need to be happy with a maintain this week – I’m 100% on Huel & 1600 cals for 3 days now till Fri weigh in to try to claw back/even out.

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+0.5lb :cry: tho TBF I’ve only been within calorie goal 3 days outov 7 with bank hol, so…
…Good to know, but also abit depressing, as to how on point I’ll need to be to hit -2lb p.wk. target for next 10months!
PT session last night (as he’s away at w/e) I hav HUGE respect for him, he know his bio-mechanics & metabolic conditioning, blabla :blush:
However, after years of solo weight training I’m not too good at being told what to do – but I’m learning – another awesome session – lots of posterior chain and ab work – they are slowly starting to wake up & engage, learnt a great back stretch that I’ll do daily, hits the rotational issues I hav perfectly!

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Is this the same Fi who I know from another website?

Hi James!
Certainly is

Great! Glad you’re enjoying Huel!

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Mmm, I am, thank you!

I had friended a load of fatties on MFP as I thought be good to have a connection with like-goal-orientated peeps.
Have just unfriended everyone - Tired/annoyed of seeing everyone’s cal goal as 1200 - Seems to be MFPs default & no-one seems to be using any common sense to query/amend?
Sub 1000 cal logging is getting praise even FFS?!?
But I am enjoying using MFP to track own cals – Have set at MBR of 1650 and then trying to create 500+ deficit each day with exercise.

I’m a tired, grumpy, hormonal biatch this week!
So nearly didn’t go to yoga last night, but forced myself and ended up one of the best session for a while! – felt I was really making progress

Overate at w/e – was trying a few things – didn’t really enjoy them – rather spend the cals on a stiff GnT!
Had 2500 cals each day – restrictly slightly more Mon-Thurs to try to even out to 1800 since weigh in
But as I’m hormonal I’m just feeling abit meh – just wanna order Dominoes – but I won’t!


omg! Omg!! OMG!!!
I lost -4lb!!!
To say I’m in a better mood now is a slight understatement LoL!
Good to know my body’s happy with extra cals and SSCV at mo.
Average cals across last 7 days is 1976

Mon: 2.5m walk
Tues: am 2.5m walk + pm 75min Ashtanga Yoga
Wed: am+pm 2.5m walk
Thurs: am+pm 2.5m walk
Fri: am 2.5m walk + pm Massage

Tues-Fri (Mon upset tummy so not bad <2000cals but not as below)
Breakii: Huel shake (50g) + banana (with water)
Snack: ½ Grenade Carbkilla bar
Lunch: GreenBeans+CherryToms+85gTuna+Eggx2+Rice(90-ishg)
Snack: ½ Grenade Carbkilla bar
Dinner: Tues- Huel shake (50g) after yoga, Wed-3Ryvita+3Eggs+2LCL+Spinach+TbSpMayo, Thurs-SlimFastNoodleSnackPot*+100gChkn

*SlimFastNoodleSnackPot – got one free with shopping other week, actually very tasty for only 70cals! Expensive but – gonna order more, think they’ll help me at mo.

Not sure I mentioned too re PT last Thurs that we discovered just how tight me back is!
He wanted to start me on kettlebell swinging – nope! Back just won’t move
So tried deadlift with KB– nope! Back just won’t move
He then said; “but your back doesn’t hurt when you bend forward, does it?” – erm YES! – “ahh!”
Bit more assessment revealed; as I’m really quite strong and flexible in hamstrings – I’ve been bending almost entirely at hip hinge using Hammies and not back – so it’s not fooked just under used!
This and also having Lordosis is limiting movement at mo – but great progress to be with a person who’s properly assessed and is going to help me sort!

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Hey, Fi; great to see you doing so well.

Have you got a target and a goal date in mind?

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Thanx - so far so good - but only 3weeks in - been here before countless times over past 7 years!
Long term goal date is June next year - we’ve booked to Nashville for holz for the country music festival there - went last year and it was tough carrying extra weight - I’d like to be in dixie shorts and cowboy boots next year!
So ideal is -2lb p.week loss for the 41 weeks to June 2017 - a tough ask - but it’s only a goal - I’ll try my damndest - but being careful not too go too low on cals and too high on activity here at start - whilst still creating an effect )wieght loss).


So I finally got to a Rebounder class last night… **** me! - it’s tougher than it looks/sounds LoL!
It was quite good fun but I can barely balance on terra ferma let alone on a bloody trampette!
Really glad I went so I know what it’s about, but not for me right now, too balistic, I need to focus on exercises/stretches to sort myself out.
The Yoga teacher I see on a Tues pm is starting another class, different location, on a Sat arvo - I’d rather do/spend my money/time there - trying that this Sat.
In my usual slight anxious state about weigh in tom am - but I’m been 110% this week so no good reason not to have another awesome result. And with 80lbs to lose it’s not like I’m not gonna continue regardless of what scales say!
I’m moving better and better each week which was the goal too - noticed this am I bent over to untie trainers better than I had been, a super small thing, but that’s how bad it had/has got - saw light at the end of the tunnel


YaY! -1.5lb :grinning: (-7.5lb)

Fri: am 2.5m walk + pm Massage
Sat: am+pm 2.5m walk
Sun: PT session
Mon: pm 2.5m walk
Tues: am 2.5m walk + pm 75min Ashtanga Yoga
Wed: am 2.5m walk + pm Rebounding
Thurs: am+pm 2.5m walk

Sat+Sun: Huel breakiis, Salad+Chkn+Avo+Rice lunches, M&S pasta Satpm & roast dinner Sun (NO alcohol!)
Breakii: Huel shake (50g) + banana (with water)
Snack: ½ Grenade Carbkilla bar
Lunch: Mon = GreenBeans+CherryToms+85gTuna+Eggx2+Rice(90-ishg)
Restovweek = SoyaChilli+Rice (250gTilda)
Snack: ½ Grenade Carbkilla bar
Dinner: Mon/Wed/Thurs = SoyaChilli+RyeBread+LCL, Tues- Huel shake (50g) after yoga

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