Fighting the sweetener's taste


I started consuming vanilla Huel a week ago. I tried to get used to the taste and especially the sweetener’s stevia-like bitter after taste but it just didn’t work.

Does anyone here have experiences with changing the flavor and eliminating the taste of the sweetener? I have tried cinnamon without success.

A teaspoon of good instant coffee is widely known amongst seasoned Huelers as the pinnacle of the flavour enhancing experience! =)

…failing that, you really do get used to the sweetness over time, honest.

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Mix it with the unflavoured/unsweetened Huel.

I usually add 1 scoop vanilla and 2 scoops U&U in 500ml of water. Then I add a teaspoon of either instant coffee or cinnamon. I then leave it overnight (8-12 hours) in the fridge.
Completely eliminates that overpowering sweetness.

Thanks, I’m gonna try it and come back to this post.