First day of huel

Just sitting having my first huel, a coffee one. So far I’m enjoying it, it’s far more filling than I expected and I like the taste! I’d like to lose some weight, my weight as if this morning is 247.2 lbs.
so here we go! Let’s do this huel!


Good luck with your goals! :slight_smile:

Good luck! I started on the Vanilla flavour, can’t wait to get to the coffee bag. :slight_smile:

After having both I like the vanilla but really like the coffee one! Going to have to have a wee snack mid afternoon though as my lunchtime one didn’t fill me up as much, not sure what as I was really full after lunch.

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Last vanilla shake here today. On to coffee. :slight_smile: I’m going to cycle through all flavours and then stick with the one I like best…