First day on Huel, why am I craving pineapple?

It’s odd - I had my first Huel today, and I had an overwhelming urge for pineapple juice with it. I don’t even drink pineapple juice! My OH put it down to the coconut content, and guessed that I was mentally associating pineapple with coconut :grinning:

I suspect that the acidic fruit juice would curdle the oat powder and make the texture unpleasant, so I’ve decided not to try it.

In other news, I had 3 scoops with 500ml for lunch and I am SOOOOO full. I’m normally famished by now (6pm) but I really don’t fancy anything to eat yet.

Try some pineapple so we can resolve this mystery… :slight_smile:

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I’m now on day 4 and craving a savoury flavour. Tonight I had a brainwave and stirred Engevita nutritional yeast flakes into my Huel. YUM :yum:

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I enjoyed the satisfyingly cheesy umami flavour

Loving my Huel journey!


Well it’s Day 25 and although my pineapple craving wore off, a strange thing has happened. I was working my way through the flavour boost trials but not enjoying them much. I had more or less given up on them, but today I thought I’d use up the last trial sachet. It was pineapple and coconut. Oh heavens!!! It’s a perfect flavour for Huel. I. LOVED. IT.


Day 19 here and wanted to try your nooch huel for lunch. Kids had finished off said nooch, so I experimented with 1 scoop huel ( in case it was yuk!) and added 1/2 tsp marigold vegan bouillon and 1tsp PPB Powdered Peanut Butter - Bl**dy Blooming Lovely!!!
Pudding was 1 scoop huel and 2tsp lucuma, 1tsp cocoa and 1 tsp PPB - a bit ‘meh’ compared to the almost satay savoury one.
Supper will be further experimentation on the savoury one adding a dash of tamari , garlic powder and sriracha and ACV - roll on dinner time!!!
Thank you for the inspiration@Madeleine:)

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Yumm, that sounds delicious