First Experience

Ok, so I tried the Vanilla Huel with Mint Flavor Boost last nite using skim milk. Can’t say I’m a fan of the texture OR the taste, but I can live with it. I did get the Huel cup to mix/shake it in.

I felt very full afterwards, so that’s a good thing. However, 2 hours later I had an unpleasant bathroom session. I’ve never felt that much "stuff’ flow out at once! Not painful at all, just disconcerting (for now), nothing solid at all, just F-L-O-W! Smell was very weird too, almost like a strong sulfur-kinda thing???

I’m definitely going to try again tomorrow…as long as there’s no physical pain involved, I intend to carry this through and use up all of my first shipment. Any comments?

Commiserations. Perhaps in your case it should be called a shitment, not a shipment eh? :laughing:


HAHAHA good one!! :grin::joy::rofl:

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Sorry about that :grin: Hope things have settled down for you now :smile:

That which must not be named

Edit: Hehehe

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