First huel full up can't finish

Hi there

My huel arrived today just in time for lunch
Made my first 3 scoop meal

Have managed about half and can’t take any more have put the rest in the fridge for later

Is this normal would have eaten loaded at this time usually

3 scoops can be very filling, I usually just have 2 at a time

Also the thickness can make a big difference

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Thanks have put the other half in the fridge will have it mid afternoon

Always best to start off slowly to avoid digestive issues :grin:

Lol I have inflammatory bowel that’s part of life

Yes, understood. Still best to introduce new foods (especially those high in fibre) slowly. Hope Huel helps once you’re into it. It has calmed down my IBS.

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First meal finished in two halves
Have to say the cold second half tasted better

Going to make breakfast now and fridge it overnight

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Yep many of us love the overnight fridge technique! It’s amazing how much it changes the shake

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Meh i cant take it… Too cold and thick

Just how I like it :stuck_out_tongue:
Though, sometimes it doesn’t even come out the shaker and have to add a little water after all :rofl:

I use for 3 scoops 540 ml and sometimes is still thick

I use 4,5 scoops (171g) on 650ml water and refrigerate it, usually it’s good :stuck_out_tongue:
Still feels like eating to me if it’s a little thick.

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Ahhh glad I’m not the only one who likes it that thick!

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Exclusive behind the scenes picture of @ChrisH0402 preparing his breakfast Huel:



Pretty accurate, considering to contact Huel if they want to open a production facility
anywhere in Holland. Would be far more convenient for me. :rofl:


My current recipe is 75g Huel to 60 ml water. Sixty millitres. Not joking. It comes out like cookie dough.

Stick a spoon in and it will erect :face_with_hand_over_mouth: stand straight up :open_mouth:
Refrigerate it and it’s not possible to eat it anymore :rofl:

I am happily drinking 100g in 100ml almond milk/400ml water since I upped my calories. Left in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Mmm lovely! :yum:

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So @Linuxgeek did it get better ? I’m in the same position. 3 scoops + 600 ml of tap water (what was suggested) just started, can’t finish. Feel like if I eat any more I’ll just throw up. Had to start drinking some water on the side to ease my throat a bit.

Flavor was chocolate. The texture was grainy, I’d try a blender but I don’t have one.What bothered me the most was the texture and the taste. Definitely not what I expected, doesn’t really taste like chocolate to me. Guess I’ll try vanilla next.

Anyway I had to stop after 400 ml. Put it in the fridge now. Hope it gets better ! Has anyone had a similar experience ?

@Modin Chocolate didn’t agree with me first time I tasted it. I persevered and now I love it. Also it’s best not to try and drink it all at once at first. Sip it.