First impressions & taking Huel on a business trip

Huel box arrived with really fast delivery. 4 packets, each about 850g. Really nice packaging - the pouches are good quality and the branding is really clean and simple. Loads of product information on the back of the packet. Comes with a getting started sheet. With mine I bought a PhD shaker bottle - although if you order for the first time through you currently get a free shaker plus some other goodies.
Opening the packet for the first time does spray quiet a bit of powder. I tapped the powder down first on the second bag and this helped alot. I also found that Huel gets into the zip-lock seal. If you run a fingernail or the tip of a fork along the seal it clears it out. You only need to do this on the first opening.

Preparation of Huel
I prepared mine in a Nutribullet on the first time round. This made the Huel really sooth. I used 3 scoops not leveled or compacted (I found by doing this it was almost exactly 100g) with 500ml of water. I have also shaken Huel in a shaker bottle and for the most part it is smooth but you can get a few lumps. Blender is definitely the best option.

First Impressions
Huel is neither unpleasant or a tasty drink. The perfect way to describe Huel is - “hmmm, not bad at all”. It’s a bit like a very sweet weetabix flavour and not too dissimilar to a smooth porridge (just my opinion). I’ve found mixing coffee in makes it really good. After drinking for the first time you’ll want to drink more but this is driven by hunger and not craving for the taste.

Living with/on Huel
I’ve found that Huel is truly an amazing product. It completely cuts out any craving for crap or really tasty food. It fully fills you up and there is not part of you that wishes to stuff yourself on other food. I’ve been mixing up my days with regular food. I find no matter how complete or full a meal of normal food I have, I am always left craving something a short time afterwards. After a Huel meal however you feel totally sustained through to the next meal time (and beyond I’ve found). I’m not sure whether this is due to the low GI of the Huel ingredients or whether this is due to the body not getting the correct macros from normal food. Either way, Huel is a miracle for cutting cravings. I personally don’t want to go 100% Huel. I love Chicken and mash potatoes and veg - I cannot see Huel replacing this desire any time soon. For me I usually replace 2 meals a day with Huel.

Travelling with Huel
I took Huel (and a nutribullet) on a business trip abroad - I always get fat when I’m stuck in a hotel for a week! Huel was perfect for regulating calories and effortlessly cut out craving. 3 bags for the week I found was plenty and they pack up small into a suitcase without taking up too much room - PERFECT!. I’ve found that if you make up a shaker bottle it will stay good for a good few hours. Huel’s website advises using a sealed flask for longer periods of time.

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Great review, I’m interested in taking the white powder through customs as well. I’ve got a few trips to the US and Europe over the next few months and find it difficult not to comeback spherical once I’ve sat in the lounge and spotted the buffet cart or enjoyed a good old Cobb Salad through room service.

I would be concerned about the TSA and a latex glove if I tried to take a Kilo of Huel through in a suitcase, did you transport it in it’s original bag, or decant into smaller baggies/pots?

I transported in the original bags and all fully sealed. Only issue is I took these in my hold luggage, and not in my cabin bag.

The TSA don’t ban food or protein powders and you can carry on in any quantity. See:

Some people on forums have put them into clear plastic bags instead of the original packaging. I don’t think this aids clearing security. They may prefer original packaging to see contents of powder. Either way you may be subject to a check where they take a small amount of powder through a machine to test it.

Should be no need for gloves and a sore anus.

Very balanced review - useful to others, I’m sure.

I see you’re a co-developer of the formula. Excellent work boss, truly a fantastic product.


I wanted to try this too, but I was worried about airport security as I travel a bit for work although don’t travel to the USA. Where did you go on the trip? I should imagine as long as it is in the packaged bag it should be ok…

I had no problems with pouches of Huel (in my hand luggage) travelling to/from the US, Canada, Italy, Cyprus and obviously the UK.