New user - first impressions

I have started using Huel yesterday and would like to share my first impressions with you guys (potential buyers).

Taste: 3/5
The vanilla taste is ‘okay’, I’d say. It’s a pretty mild flavor (depending on the amount of water you use), but the artificial sweetness of the sucralose isn’t all that. Because it’s easy to mask/improve the taste by adding some fruit or something other sugary I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Mixability 2/5
The mixability of Huel is actually quite bad, comparing it to the whey proteins and Joylent I’ve used in the past. I use 4 scoops in around 550ml water (can’t get more in the shaker) and even after shaking for a couple of minutes it’s not without clumps. Chewing is necessary. A lot of room for improvement here.

Convenience 5/5
Nothing to add here. Using Huel saves a lot of time/effort.

Hunger control 4/5
Huel did a good job controlling my hunger. I felt pretty full after consuming a 4 scoop shake, for a couple of hours. Still, a mere 511 calories is not cutting it for me. A normal food breakfast, lunch or diner I would eat contains at least 700 calories.

Bowel movement 3/5
It seems my stomach needs some getting used to it. Poo a lot softer than normal in the first few days of usage.

Overall I am pleased with the product, although mixability and taste could (and should) improve. Also, I would definitely prefer a Huel version with more calories (in the form of carbs). With ‘normal’ Huel I have to mix 20-22 scoops per day to reach my needs, which is quite a hassle considering the bad mixability and amount of powder you need to fit in the shaker every time. I would like to able to drink a shake or 3/4 and get my 3000-3300 calories in.