First time user and my samples are missing?

Hi, I’m a First time user and my samples are missing? Not sure where to go to sort this so apologies if this ain’t aloud and hopefully someone can help me.

samples of what? Did you order them with initial order? You should have had a t-shirt and shaker with 2 bags of powder if not (and assuming you ticked the box).

Sorry the flavour samples and yes I clicked, paid and ordered with the initial order, it even states so on the box but they have not been packed?

Ah ok, probably best email and they’ll get back to you shortly…or maybe tomorrow…probably down the pub by now.


Thank you :muscle:t2:

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Shouldn’t worry long term…they will sort it for you, just a short term ball ache.

Eating a mixed grill…


Hey Dan, really sorry to hear that, not sure what’s happened there but we’ll get these out to you ASAP. Email received and just really sorry about the inconvenience here.

On a Wednesday? Please, I’m British, we save all our weekday units for the weekend. #science.

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Thank you for the reply and can’t wait to try these testers.