Flavoring huel ( unsweetened)

What are people a adding to their drinks to gain taste, I have unsweetened huel and must say, it’s needs a better taste. Just curious on what people add

Hi @Tony_Phuprate

Some customers use our flavour pouches: http://huel.com/products/natural-flavour-and-sweetener-pouches

Also there are some good tips here: http://huel.com/pages/how-to-use-huel#flavour

Thai green curry paste
Cajun seasoning

I think I’ll stick to the sweet vanilla version once I’m through my trial week of unflavoured - not for me, I need to add too much to make it enjoyable so the nutritional profile gets altered, vanilla I can just mix with water and it’s good to go, or add small quantities of flavour pouches or spice which barely change the nutritional information.

@Omc yes I agree, I’m a vanilla man. I like a simple life.

Try 50/50 sweet/unsweetened. Personally that’s just right.

It tastes great with instant coffee, but then you get the effects of caffeine. Ginger and cinnamon are easy to add and good for variety, but my favourite is still coco power (the bitter stuff).