Flavour bag won't seal

Got a couple of bags of the flavour Mocha ( nice ) and pineapple and coconut ( also nice ) way better than the rhubarb one ( not so nice, gives me acidic reflux )
Bag seal just won’t work, not clogged etc. Had to decant into a container. Not a huge problem. Just by way of feedback.

The flavor bags are quite annoying!

I got some of these from IKEA (don’t pay the price listed here on amazon - it’s crazy high!)

This is an issue for me as well, they are extremely difficult to seal. They do seal if you spend a fair bit of time fighting with them. I store my Huel at a shelf near the ceiling, and I have knocked over flavor bags twice. When I knocked over my mocha it was literally all over the kitchen. The scent was so strong you could taste it every time you walked into the kitchen for a few days.