Flavour boosts: best to worst?


Hey, I know they’re not flavour boosts, but yesterday and today I tried using respectively hibiscus flowers and berries herbal teas instead of water and they’re both great! They both do a good job balancing the sweet of Vanilla, creating a nice and refreshing aftertaste. :slight_smile: They’re now definitely in my weekly Huel schedule. :slight_smile:


Cacao, Mint-Chocolate and Mocha are my favourites at the moment, but I go back and forth! I love Matcha Tea and on hot days love an ice cold Banana, P&C or R&C! Also love Toffee when I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth.


Time for me to try the flavor boosts! I’ve added one to my order so I will reply here soon to let you know what I think of them! Very excited to finally try.


O really like the Rhubarb custard flavour. I tried the Matcha as well but because i drink Matcha tea, i use my Matcha tea powder instead. I mix with the new vanilla and sometimes the unflavoured one!
I am waiting for my next delliverie wich contains the glutefree vanilla Huel. Exited!!


Mint choc-chip is my favourite by a large margin - I don’t find the strawberry or chocolate to have enough flavour (I like strong flavours), I mix mocha with instant coffee and also like the rhubarb and custard and the pineapple and coconut.
Toffee is on my list to try next.




(Only tried those)


I see many people here liking the Mint-choc flavour. I’ve tried it this morning but did not like it. The mint is not subtle enough for me. I mixed it with the Coffee Huel so maybe that’s the problem. Three flavours was a bit too much.

I really like Pineapple & coconut but it is very very sweet (which is of course why I like it, lol) so you do have to watch how much you add to your shake.

On my wishlist is the Strawberry flavour. It was not in the sample pack so I was not able to try it yet.


It was on mine (I think the old one that was retired), and I can say that it wasn’t bad, but basically the flavour was too subtle. It was like Vanilla with some strawberry passing by for an instant. :smiley:

Pineapple apple pen - coconut is great, I miss it :smiley:


I like toffee and banana. Both together is great