Flavour boosts: best to worst?


Hey, I know they’re not flavour boosts, but yesterday and today I tried using respectively hibiscus flowers and berries herbal teas instead of water and they’re both great! They both do a good job balancing the sweet of Vanilla, creating a nice and refreshing aftertaste. :slight_smile: They’re now definitely in my weekly Huel schedule. :slight_smile:


Cacao, Mint-Chocolate and Mocha are my favourites at the moment, but I go back and forth! I love Matcha Tea and on hot days love an ice cold Banana, P&C or R&C! Also love Toffee when I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth.


Time for me to try the flavor boosts! I’ve added one to my order so I will reply here soon to let you know what I think of them! Very excited to finally try.