Flavour options opinion?


about to place another order but had a quick question…on my last I tried a bag of Black S&C and it was delicious…I normally have v3 and am perfectly happy with it. I don’t really want to order 2 bags of black (half cos of the price but half cos v3 is fine for my needs)

question is tho…I’ve tried a flavour shot in v3 of the Berry…is that a good representation of the flavour of the v3 pre mixed Berry? closest I think to the black S&C for v3 I think

The flavour boosts are pretty inline with the flavours of the powder however we do not have a ‘Berry’ flavour boost, only a ‘Strawberry’. I believe they are different flavour profiles (as opposed to just named differently) but don’t have any to hand right now. Let me check!

oh…I believe I had a Berry AND a Strawberry boost in the sample pack? that changed too?

it is in the sampler pack but looks like its been dropped from the larger bag range


ah ok…

still in the premix v3 range tho…tempted by a bag if it tastes simlar to the flavor boosts

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