Flavour Pack Epihany

So there I was, making up another delicious batch of huel for dinner, with three choices of flavour packs - Banana, Strawberry, and Rhubarb and Custard.

Today’s dinner would be Banana, one of my favourites. I also add a little milk to the mix to make it more ‘milkshakey’.

After making the batch I began putting everything away. I paused as one of the cogs in my neolithic noggin began to turn.

I looked at the Banana Powder.

I looked at the Milk.

Back at the powder…

Back to the milk.

I only had about 200ml of milk left in my milk bottle, and I really enjoy licking the powdery spoon afterwards, so this seemed like the next step. I added a full teaspoon of the powder into the milk bottle, put the top on and shook like crazy.

I had a sniff. Then a sip. I was blown away. What I was left with was a perfect replica of a Frijj Banana Milkshake! You couldn’t mistake it. I drank the the lot and immediately went marching off to the store to get more milk.

I’ve worked out the cost per 500m (which is roughly the same a frijj milkshake).

2L milk = £1.25
500ml = £0.31

150g Powder = 7.50
8g = £0.40

Total cost Huel Milkshake: £0.71
Total cost of Frijj Milkshake: £1.30

Obviously this isn’t what it’s designed for, but still makes a nice treat without needing to spend loads of money.

I’ll try out the strawberry as well as I’m expecting a similar result.