Food Choices documentary - too high protein issue

The Food Choices documentary claims that a diet high in protein is linked to many negative health outcomes, without making a distinction between high amount of animal-based protein and high amount of plant-based protein.

I like that Huel has a high amount of plant-based protein and does not contain any animal-based protein.

Can somebody point me out to research that high amount of plant-based protein is not linked to negative health outcomes?


I suppose it all comes down to the right amount and combination of amino acids (especially the essential ones). Therefore I believe, that if the combination of protein is carefully designed to your needs, it doesn’t matter if it’s plant or animal based. But too much of something is almost never healthy.

So some random documentary turns over all peer reviewed peer research on high protein diets having no negative outcomes (or theoretical upper limit on that) so long as it is part of a healthy diet.

I’m going to take that with a giant pinch of salt (but don’t panic not in my food, well only half in)

That study indicates that the source of the protein is important, but it doesn’t indicate that the protein itself is any different. So I don’t think this applies to discussions regarding Huel, since much of it’s protein comes in purified form and I assume replacing it with equivalent good quality animal derived purified forms would have no significant effect on long term health.

^ this is just in relation to plant vs animal protein sources. The article is still relevant of course, since it lists the benefits of a high protein diet.

You will be able to find research that says that too high fat is bad for you, that too high protein is bad for you, and too high carbs is bad for you.


Public dietary advice is so imprecise and general. Any health claim can easily be disproved with confounding research. It’s important to keep up to date and make balanced decisions that undoubtedly will meet somewhere in the middle.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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