High protein diets could accelerate aging

High Protein diets accelerate aging

David Sinclair recommends fasting & a low-protein, vegetable-rich diet

It seems like the excessivly high protein content in HUEL is not advisable.

Just neck a load of resveratrol and good to go.

That isn’t what the study concludes at all – it merely tenuously concludes that restricting protein intake MAY lead to increased longevity but says nothing about accelerating ageing. Plant and animal sources of protein behave differently and it doesn’t really make it clear here what these sources were in the trials which are a few years old.


Glad I didn’t bother to read it then.

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The amount of protein in Huel is not excessive. Can I ask why you think this? The RDA for protein is a minimum requirement not an optimum.

On top of what Phil has said we have known for a very long time that a low protein diet may increase lifespan as it does in other species. However, there is a difference between health and lifespan and a higher protein intake is important for a variety of reasons especially sarcopenia where the risk increases with age.


High-protein diets increase cardiovascular risk by activating macrophage mTOR to suppress mitophagy

‘The mechanisms underlying this risk are unknown.’

That seems scientific. Are you actually planning on expressing your own concerns/questions at some point about your use of Huel, or just going to continue spamming with whatever links you can Google?

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The use of the phrase ‘high protein’ is quite subjective and negates individual physiology. Ie it could be expressed as an actual percentage or be a percentage of body weight.However the phrase ‘high protein’ lacks a definition.

Secondly, the articles citied appear to lack academic rigour. The first article is simply that, an article that isn’t peer reviewed. The second article is an abstract. If I was marking an academic essay and these were used as supporting evidence I would have to fail the essay.

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this is the problem with forums, ppl making bogus claims.

it matters because some people actually believe it.

seperate fact from belief here.

Are you spreading fake news again @hunzas :grinning: Mr Trump won’t be happy

the dynamics of human health and fitness are not simple at all.

we are not peatrie dishes, unaffected by the changeable environment…

you’re out of quarantine then?