For those who feel sick with Huel

Hi there!
I had a bad start with Huel, so much so that I ended up in bed with a really bad stomach ache for two days, untill I decided to not taie Huel for a day or so. As soon as I stoped consuming it, I felt better, so I tried starting again after a couple of days without Huel (maybe my body need more ti me to get used to it?). I had the worst stomach ache even though I only replaced lunch. I didn’t reallt want to give up Huel, so after reading some experiences in the community and talking with a friend, I decided to start taking Omeoprazol (stomach protector of sorts) and give it one last try. I’m really happy to say it worked. I was a bit scared so I only had Huel for breakfast for a whole week, and then I stsrted taking Huel for blth breakfast and lunch the second week. I’m on my last days of omeoprazol and my 5th day of Huel for 2 meals and haven’t have any problem.
I know every body os different and reacts different to some medicine, but it is worth giving it a try. Or if you have something like Omeoprazol that has helped you in the past with stomach issues, I encourage you to try it out.
Thank you for reading and good luck to everybody!