Fresh start

Hello everyone,

First day using it tomorrow and I’m planning to go 100% meal replacement :blush:

Hope to meet and talk to a lot of you along the way and learn about your journeys as well; what you found hard and easy? Even tips to add to the shakes :blush::+1:t2:


100% seems easy if you don’t rush into it. I’m about 10 days in…no issues so far.

That’s awesome, from a weight perspective if you don’t mind me asking have you lost a significant amount of weight up to now?

Work your way up to 100% slowly

It takes a little while to get used to huel, start with 1 or 2 shakes daily

Good luck

Matt you really don’t want to go 100% at first. If you’re thinking about losing a significant amount of weight in 10 days you’re going to need something a bit more drastic and permanent than a new diet…

Huel is just food. It’s not the same old food your gut is used to, however, so they may be a bit of an adjustment period, that’s why we say don’t go 100% straight away. By all means use it as a way to control your calories and create a deficit (if you do this properly you will definitely lose weight), but set yourself some meaningful long term goals and don’t worry about small fluctuations in your weight in short periods of time

I also started just like you, replacing all my food with 100% Huel right away.
I also read some warnings about it’s effect on your gut and some side effects in the first week which is why I should start slowly introducing it into my diet.

But in my case I didn’t have any side effects at all, instead I found it pretty easy to start with it right away and I think it even helped me to stay with 100% Huel. I am a kind of person who just needs to cut something 100%, when I try to slowly introduce something into my life I am really struggling to succeed most of the times…

But in the end you have to decide. If you feel good after the first Huel, the first day, and maybe the second day also, I think there is no reason against replacing all your food intake with Huel.

No I haven’t I have maintained weight. My aim is not to lose weight. If I wanted to it would be simple enough to get the ball rolling by adjusting calories.