Frustrated by lack of new flavours/products for UK

Thanks for taking the time to reply Dan, whilst I’ve always wanted ‘more’ from Huel in terms of products, I’ve always been impressed with the customer service and interaction between Huel staff and customers. Second to none.

You’re probably already aware but many of Huel’s UK/EU competitors which offer a Daily Greens-style product import most of their ingredients from the USA and outside the EU. I suppose my frustration is that it’s normally the other way around with the USA - most US-based companies will launch products over there first and it’s months before we get them in the UK. It would be nice if Huel (as a UK-originating company) launched new products here first for a change.

Maybe more desert-oriented flavours - Carrot Cake, Pecan and Maple Syrup, Coconut, Apple Pie (AKA Apple + Cinnamon), Mango, Chocolate Orange, Banoffee Pie etc.

I mentioned in the other thread - how about a rotating monthly “flavour of the month” if that was do-able and then maybe a vote at the end of the year for which of the 12 flavours would become permanent. That way any less popular “limited” flavours aren’t permanent.

Personally if the GI number remains low then I don’t see any issue with using the natural sugar from fruits (i.e. no added sugars/sweeteners) in fruit flavoured Huel. For all others maybe something like Agave syrup. It’s not an area I have a lot of knowledge on but I think any artificial sweetener is always going to raise questions.

Glad to hear it! Hopefully not just a “New NEW Vanilla” or something :grinning:

Thanks again for the reply.

Thank you! This is always nice to hear.

Yeah I can see where you’re coming from here and can understand your frustration. There are some hurdles to overcome to make Daily Greens in the UK/EU such as not all the ingredients may be permitted due to differing regulations but I think we could overcome them.

I’d love an apple or banoffee pie flavour! Sounds like US flavours to me :wink:

This is a nice idea, I’ll pass it onto our Customer Insights team.

As sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sucralose, I think we’d struggle to achieve this, but there may be a way to combine didn’t sweet ingredients so they have a synergistic effect/

@Charlotte_Huel I know you can’t reveal anything officially but anything new/exciting in terms of new flavours or products for the UK coming any time soon (i.e. within the next couple of months)?

A replacement for the bars has been confirmed and I’d imagine would be released when current stocks of the existing bars are depleted. I’d also expect Greens within that time frame but that’s just a guess.

Without saying too much, I can say that the product development team has been working really hard with some incredible products. As @Coup said there is a replacement product for bars, and some other exciting developments so keep your eyes peeled :eyes: