FS: Two bags Vanilla

Got two bags of vanilla, for some reason can’t drink it anymore after using Berry and Mint for so long.

Wanting rid but the bin seems harsh.

Both for £20 anyone? Am based in Torfaen, work in Bristol and travel to Surrey/Sutton bi-weekly. Can also do most of London, but not extremities.

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I’d be interested; especially as it’s a great deal obviously! I’m in SE London, but can get into central London easily most evenings and weekends (except Saturday mornings - boo to work). If there’s anyone closer/easier for you to deliver to though I’m happy to be the backup plan.

Also interested here. I’m in Woking, Surrey or can do Sutton as my Dad lives there. So if either of those work for you I’ll take second dibs after @surrealsai :slightly_smiling_face:

Surrey is bang on the mark - Cheam in particular. Could drive to meet no problem. I’m back there again Thursday evening. Any good?

SE is a bit of a pain for me - I’m pretty much central and SW only. I’ll go with Liath for now!

Completely understandable!

That works for me. I get back from my business trip Thursday lunchtime. PM me and let me know when and where to meet you in Cheam :+1:t2:

Don’t forget to wear your Huel T shirts when you meet both of you :laughing::laughing:

pics or it didn’t happen

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Since when did the reselling of unwanted bags of Huel become a spectator sport?!

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they are quite obviously going to go the pub and get sloshed. therefore pictures are required.

Oi! This isn’t the 1970’s you know. No getting sloshed in the pub and driving home any more.

No, you have a lock in and wake up in the pub. Then do the walk of shame to the nearest greasy spoon. Or McDonald’s.

Lock ins. I remember those. Weren’t they more of a 90’s thing? Or was that just me?

Anyway I thought millennials don’t drink apparently so presumably far less getting sloshed or partaking in lock ins is happening generally.

Can confirm we met at a pub, had a lock in and got sloshed.


All decade related cliches covered as along with 1970’s getting sloshed and driving home from the pub and 1990’s lock ins we covered the 1980’s by handing over crisp banknotes in exchange for bags of powder in the pub car park.